Instructables Build Night: How to Make Soft Circuits

Instructables held a "themed" build night on Thursday, August 14--the first installment in the new Build Night Series.

Rachel taught a brief lesson about soft circuits and conductive threads/fabrics, and participants got to do some pillow anatomy and see the insides of LED vibrating pillows, fabric sensors, and other electronic-fabric creations. Then, everyone tried to build their own soft circuits in whatever style they wanted.

Check out the promo video below and, if you're interested and in the SF Bay Area, come to Make your own Mouse Mouse with Christy on September 11 or another upcoming event.

The office--aka build night workshop extraordinaire--is located at:
489 Clementina Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

We hope to see you there!

Picture of Instructables Build Night: How to Make Soft Circuits
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does the mouse scream when clicks it?
Kiteman9 years ago
...Make your own Mouse Mouse...

Do you have to bring your own mouse, or have you got the traps down?
Are they pre-skinned? *shudder* That maight be a little difficult...

I want to make a bluetooth one
Woah! Bluetooth Mouse! That would be awesome! :D
Especially if you painted the teeth blue.
Har har.. I'm surprised you beat GoodHart to that one W.. :D
Goodhart bumpus9 years ago
Hmm, this is the first I saw this THERE

Anyway, it is not supposed to be a Blue Teeth mouse, but a Blue TOOTH mouse....only one tooth allowed. Try to find one getting a little long in the tooth LOL
REA bumpus9 years ago
all you do is colour its teeth blue. its not that hard...
Damn, that'd be creepy to see someone talking to a mouse in their ear.
Maybe a baby one...... With the mic in the tail.... eww
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