Build a Nintendo NES PC author hatsuli dies of cancer

It is with great sadness that I share the news of hatsuli, author of the Build a Nintendo NES PC, dying this August. He suffered from cancer for almost two years. His mother wrote to tell me that he was a great fan of the site and visited it everyday.

hatsuli was a runner-up in the Use It Again! contest for his Nintendo PC, which is currently rated among the top 1% of all Instructables.

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tigerboy Gjdj37 years ago
Yep same here R.I.P (He must have been a genius to do NES pc)
descartez7 years ago
Very Sad. I just stumbled across his NES PC project recently and am very saddened to hear he passed away. I had heard rumors about the project and decided to check it out. Though it may be a little belated, I am sorry for your loss.
space_thief7 years ago
god bles this guy! r.i.p hatsuli
dsman1952767 years ago
very sad...
muchmoney677 years ago
very sad indeed. may he rest in peace and Im going to build the Nintendo pc just to honor the guy.
zjharva7 years ago
Rest in peace.
thats sad... may odin guide him
hcold7 years ago
To Valhalla.
DemptNation7 years ago
May god, Bless this man, Im going to build a NES PC In his honor, R.I.P hatsuli Rest in peace, Bless'd be our almighty
That's really sad :( He helped me considerably with my project. Thanks to him I have my Nes Media Center running all sorts of emulators and using 2 cordless controllers all connected to my 37" LCD. RIP hatsuli.
sardines4547 years ago
Sypran7 years ago
... he was awsome... i (and many of my freinds) were a fan of the nes instructable he did... RIP...
RIP, hatsuli
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