Build a Nintendo NES PC author hatsuli dies of cancer

It is with great sadness that I share the news of hatsuli, author of the Build a Nintendo NES PC, dying this August. He suffered from cancer for almost two years. His mother wrote to tell me that he was a great fan of the site and visited it everyday.

hatsuli was a runner-up in the Use It Again! contest for his Nintendo PC, which is currently rated among the top 1% of all Instructables.

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Mamu6 years ago
You people have no idea how wonderful I feel about your comments that keep coming to this page!
Hatsuli really lives forever.
He is in my thoughts every hour of every day.
Bless you all!

Hatsuli´s mom.

Hard to believe Hatsuli created such an amazing mod idea so many years ago.. where even today, communities like iCade and Raspberry Pi and countless others are still trying to perfect. This mod is a complete inspiration, and I plan to tackle it myself. What a great mind with such great execution! RIP Hatsuli.

Damon Creed3 years ago

God Bless Hatsuli, and RIP. (I just read his instuctable today, I wish the best for his family)

mlacroix24 years ago

I've first heard of hatsuli's Instructible about a week ago or so, during the

“Awesome Games Done Quick” video games marathon, on Twitch, whose donations went to the Prevent Cancer Foundation (there's their website:

darman124 years ago
Reading this made my heart wrench. I am very sorry for what you have had to go through. Rest in peace Hatsuli, and may your mother find comfort.
Lucivin4 years ago
Hatsuli inspired me to make a NES pc and I want to thank him for that. May he rest in peace!
scott!5 years ago
RIP, Hatsuli.
Krayzi995 years ago
God bless his soul...
Rest in peace, Hatsuli. you truly are the best.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Now if only there were workbenches in heaven...
Tech_Master5 years ago
My condolences to Hatsuli i saw his NES PC a while ago and was inspired i have to get around to building one now for sure for my little brother R.I.P Hatsuli

Knex master 123
Building a NES PC In his honor. May he find solace in the cosmic motherboard. RIP
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