Build circuit - programmable LED blink pattern


I'm looking to accomplish the following -

Have (2) 5mm LED's go through the following patterns:

(1) LED's Solid On / Full Brightness
(2) LED's alternating blink
(3) LED's off

I would like to be able to press a single button and cycle through those presets - 1,2,3

I would like to make this as compact, least amount of parts, and low power requirements as possible.

Please let me know if you guys could point me in the right direction perhaps?

Rafael M.

Thermionic6 years ago
I use picaxes a lot. Low parts count, gentle learning curve, not terribly expensive. You can't get crazy sophisticated, but they get most jobs done.
Thermionic6 years ago
You're gonna need a microcontroller.
rmarrero (author)  Thermionic6 years ago
Thermionic, I was thinking about a PIC or Atmel type microcontroller initially but wasn't sure.

I just recently started reading into a 555 timer but I can tell it's not advanced enough for this project.