Building a TARDIS... Doctor Who.

My friend George and I suddenly decided yesterday that we'd really love to build a TARDIS.

Considering this thing is 8+ feet tall, and we'd like it to be portable... does anyone have any suggestions for materials? I think more than anything I just need to go to Home Depot and look for supplies.

Any brainstorming help will be appreciated. :D

Oh, and if you don't know what a TARDIS is...

Or, see below. The TARDIS pictured with the ever lovely David Tennant. :D

P.S. I'm not starting on this until the Robot Plushie instructables is up, which will be by Saturday night, if not sooner. :)

Picture of Building a TARDIS... Doctor Who.
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My husband and I are planning on building our own tardis when we get back to the states, we will be following the directions though off of:

Hope this helps anyone in the future that wants to build their own :D
WAIT! Did you say back to the states? Does that mean you, like me, are one of the rare American Dr. Who fan?
Not true. I know a lot of American people who are Doctor Who fans. Most of them being teenagers. Most of them being recruted by me :)
Rubbish. I'm American and I am neither a teen nor one of your recruits. I am the same age as Paul McGann.
LOL yessss we are few and far in-between. Not enough Americans enjoy the WHO but I am hoping that I can get more people hooked :)
Im an American Teenager! even Rarer!!! lol
ive gota bout 5 friends at school who have seen the episodes!
lockpick Gnara6 years ago
I am an American teenager 2. The only person i personally know is my friend who is a sic-fi geek (like me) who I told about Doctor who.
lol i know how you feel i am one of the only people who knows about doctor who at my school and yes i am American
ME 2!!!!! me and my friend watch doctor who in first period as much as possable.
Gnara lockpick6 years ago
lol. nice.
4/5 i told.
the 5th was my bf... he already knew about it and had been keeping up with it.
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