Building a Windmill

I live on top of a tall hill were the wind is always blowing at a constant 10 mph, and my electric bill keeps going up and up. So, the idea I have was to make a windmill that is powerful enough to generate between 8000 watts to 12000 watts. I want the design to be efficient, but at the same time not an eye sore. I figured that that just one windmill would need a 20ft propeller so I am leaning more to a series of windmills. I need some more information on the cost, and the design aspects of one or more windmills. If anyone has experience on this subject I would appreciate any information.

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BTW, do you really need one that big, I just checked my bill and I used an average of 29 KWH/day last year. If I had a 10 Kw windmill that would be 8X what I use. I'd get rich selling power back ;-)
Is that such a bad thing? (I think that) in the UK, "green" electricity can be sold back to the grid at a premium.
Only from an upfront cost perspective.
Sedgewick17 (author) 9 years ago
I cant help but notice that the barometer is turning 4 times faster that the windmill in the video. How many watts dose a windmill this size produce, and would this design need a governor?
The anemometer is much smaller and lighter.

If you're using the savonius to charge a bank of batteries, and then tapping the batteries for your power, you don't need a governor, although you may need something to regulate the power into the batteries.

Savonius-style rotors are tough, especially if they're made properly. I made one from a Pringles tube and the rotor from a dead VCR and it spun merrily on a post in my garden until we had a 40mph+ wind + rain and the card went mushy and it all flew apart.
PKM9 years ago
I suspect it would be easier, thou tedious, to build 10 x 1 kilowatt windmills than one 10 kilowatt windmill. They're big
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Try one of these

Those are cool because they always work nomatter the direction of the wind. You could always use a windbelt ;)
windbelts are too loud. They only work on a small scale
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