Building a custom shaped Compressed air tank

Hello, am looking into the possibility of building my own paintball markers, and wanted to do a custom way of using the air system, compared to most markers. I was thinking either a square shape, but after finding an article that was talking about water and gases tanks and why they are build cylindrical, i realized that maybe that might not be as easy or practical. another possible idea would be a flask shaped tank, but for the design am looking at it would need special commendations, none the less I wish to see if something like that could be possible.

Toga_Dan3 months ago

I'd not recommend fabricating your own unless you are an excellent welder.

Downunder35m3 months ago

It all depends on the pressure but considering just the levels of a basic paintball system....
No matter where you look, all high pressure tanks come down to a very basic shape - the typical cylinder.
Once you have edges and flat reas the forces acting on them are so high that safety becomes a really issue.