Building a hand-crank mechanism driven turntable

Hi there, Hopefully one of you guys should be able to help me out with this! What I want to build is a a kind of a large scale music box, (you know the ones where you would turn the wheel and the ballerina would spin?). What I need to make is a hand cranked machanism which will turn light wooden disc. This should all be contained within a wooden box. Would it be easier to build this from scratch or to rip an existing mechanism and re-house it?

katchrist6 years ago
YOur projects sounds interesting. The online orrery kits would work, but are expensive. You can sometimes find a built one for the same price as waiting for each piece to come in the mail the way they are set up. But, you can also make your own gears out of plywood on a band saw.

My best recommendation is the automata kit from the cabaret automata website. I am going to use a victrola motor.

Good luck!
Sounds a LOT like the old Gramma phones used to play old 78 rpm records back in the day ;-) If you need to make it more like the wind up mechanism of a music box, you may need a larger piece of spring steel then they carry.

PS:   this hasn't been posted on since 2007,  the author may not be around anymore.  
photozz10 years ago
I would look at planetary gear sets. how big did you want to make this? you could use a set of gears out of the rear axle of an older car or something.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Bevel gears make that motion ;)