Bumpy art sets new trend.

It may not have reached the US yet, or it may have come from there, but there's a new fashion in body art - painting pregnant tums.

The two-hour-plus process involves painting pictures from a range of ideas - or the Mum's own ideas - and a professional photo-shoot to preserve the event.

(The reporter) was curious to know what kind of people want to invite a stranger to paint on such a personal, and special, part of their body.

"Anyone who wants a nice memento," said Erica.

"At the end of the day I think we should celebrate births and bumps.

"Body painting has always been around, but more people are picking up on this type of body painting now and it's becoming more mainstream.

"I want to offer it as a service to pregnant women. It's a little bit different and it's nice for mums-to-be because it's a chance for them to sit back and relax."

BBC article
The artist's website
Facepainting Association

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bumpus8 years ago
Odd.. Personally, I think a better way of preserving being pregnant would be to have like a cast made of the stomach, like paper mache or something of the like. But thats just me. :D
you could serve popcorn out of it during the game.
Kiteman (author)  bumpus8 years ago
Kind of hard to fit a cast into a baby book...
bumpus Kiteman8 years ago
But makes an interesting wall mount. :D
D| Wow, how do you tell the difference from the first child to the next? If you got a cast every time you got pregnant, you'd have to be careful you don't get them mixed up.
initial them in the corner before it hardens....that is, if the name is chosen by then....
And what happens if you get a girl instead of a boy? You could get Judith Smith or Bob Smith. Or maybe you could just do Judith Smith or Jo Smith, still JS. But what if he/she doesn't look like a Judith or a Jo?
Well, either find out ahead of time (isn't very hard), OR name it according to initials.....for instance, the first could be either Jane B. Whatever or Joseph B. Whatever. :-)
PKM Goodhart8 years ago
Duh, you label them #1, #2, #3 etc... (and it probably helps if those are your children's "real names" :P)
Goodhart PKM8 years ago
That would be another way also ;-)
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