Bunk Beds Dangerous for Kids, Hopefully Safe for Interns

A new report shows that bunk beds may be pretty dangerous things that can lead to broken toes, bloody noses, ceiling fan entanglement (!), falls, strangulation and more fun things. Thinking back on my own experience growing up on the top bunk as a kid and in school dorms, I think I can claim about three of those injuries. But it was fun and sometimes we combined the injuries like the time I pushed a kid off the top of a bunk (an accident, I swear) and as he was falling off he chucked a plastic squirt gun and nailed me in the forehead making me bleed all over the place.He landed on a cushion and I proudly went to the hospital. Good times.

Well, here at Instructables HQ we have our own bunkbeds for interns and visitors and so far there have been no accidents. But, as this study from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio seems to say, it's only a matter of time before we add to the 36,000 reported injuries a year.


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Such ridiculous claims! Of course you can get hurt by a bunk bed...you can get hurt from anything!
"Officer, I would like to report an assault caused by the oxygen around me"
Doctor What9 years ago
Heck, I was on bunkbeds for most of my childhood, even when I had my own room. The only thing dangerous is if you are dumb enough to jump off of it (I was dumb enough). There is something great about bunk beds though, if you are sick, and you upchuck during the middle of the night, whoever is on the bottom gets the wrath of it.
I also 'fall' into the group that was dumb enough to jump off when I was young (5yo).

I thought that my batman cape would give me the power of flight.  I did manage to make it all the way across the room, but came down a little hard and broke 3 bones in my foot...
 It's strange to see posts that I have made from over a year ago.  I can barely remember even typing them!  What fun!
imrobot8 years ago
so do out of town interns stay here for there whole internship?
fungus amungus (author)  imrobot8 years ago
They did in our former space since we had a lot of extra room. In our new spot it won't happen.
where is the current ibles hq anyway?
Downtown SF.
so it's not at the alameda naval base anymore? :-(
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