Bunk Beds Dangerous for Kids, Hopefully Safe for Interns

A new report shows that bunk beds may be pretty dangerous things that can lead to broken toes, bloody noses, ceiling fan entanglement (!), falls, strangulation and more fun things. Thinking back on my own experience growing up on the top bunk as a kid and in school dorms, I think I can claim about three of those injuries. But it was fun and sometimes we combined the injuries like the time I pushed a kid off the top of a bunk (an accident, I swear) and as he was falling off he chucked a plastic squirt gun and nailed me in the forehead making me bleed all over the place.He landed on a cushion and I proudly went to the hospital. Good times.

Well, here at Instructables HQ we have our own bunkbeds for interns and visitors and so far there have been no accidents. But, as this study from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio seems to say, it's only a matter of time before we add to the 36,000 reported injuries a year.


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Such ridiculous claims! Of course you can get hurt by a bunk bed...you can get hurt from anything!
"Officer, I would like to report an assault caused by the oxygen around me"
Doctor What8 years ago
Heck, I was on bunkbeds for most of my childhood, even when I had my own room. The only thing dangerous is if you are dumb enough to jump off of it (I was dumb enough). There is something great about bunk beds though, if you are sick, and you upchuck during the middle of the night, whoever is on the bottom gets the wrath of it.
I also 'fall' into the group that was dumb enough to jump off when I was young (5yo).

I thought that my batman cape would give me the power of flight.  I did manage to make it all the way across the room, but came down a little hard and broke 3 bones in my foot...
 It's strange to see posts that I have made from over a year ago.  I can barely remember even typing them!  What fun!
imrobot6 years ago
so do out of town interns stay here for there whole internship?
fungus amungus (author)  imrobot6 years ago
They did in our former space since we had a lot of extra room. In our new spot it won't happen.
where is the current ibles hq anyway?
Downtown SF.
so it's not at the alameda naval base anymore? :-(
No. We've been out of there for a year and a half. We're now on our fourth location. The naval base was the second.
why'd you leave!!!
so where do the interns stay?
fungus amungus (author)  imrobot6 years ago
At apartments that they rent. Since the interns bathed in the janitor's sink at our old place I'd say it's worth the money.
My friend has twin brothers, and when they were little they had one bed that they shared, when they got older tho they wanted their own beds. We were out one day and saw a bunk bed in pieces out for trash. we mentioned it to his dad and he quickly drove out to pick it up. he brought it home and assembled it although it didnt seem all that sound, he said "oh it'll be fine, them two dont weigh that much." Yea for about a month he was right then one night the supports gave way and the top bunk collapsed onto the lower one, it probably would have killed the little boy on the bottom but luckily he had fallen asleep on the couch.
some things are on the curb for a reason...
lleehi6 years ago
That upper bunk looks wicked uncomfortable.  Bet it's perfect for keeping visits short!

It's amazing we all survived childhood with such dangers surrounding us.

I used to amuse myself by laying in bed and sticking my feet on the bottom of the upper bunkboard and bouncing it.  One night I knocked it off its side supports and brought bunkboard, mattress and sis crashing down next to me in the bottom bunk.  I wasn't injured, except by the fists of said sister (apparently not seriously injured either). 

A few years later, I had the top bunk (not an indication of my rise in family status but probably due to sis getting taller and hitting her head on the ceiling).  One night I fell off the top bunk-- over "safety" rail, onto thinly carpeted floor.  Unhurt, I reached up and yanked the pillow and blanket from my sleeping sister and went back to sleep, on the floor.  Unhurt, that is, until said sister awoke cold and with sore neck.
Plasmana7 years ago
I sleep on a bunk bed, and I only had one fall, and because my room is tiny and have so much stuff around it, I managed to break my fall by grabbing my stuff, lol.
i fall on purpose lol
I had a loft which counts as half a bunk bed, (strangely enough)no accidents except when my friend stuck his hand in my fan.
Kiteman8 years ago
Well, here at Instructables HQ we have our own bunkbeds for interns and visitors



We get regular-but-rare cases over here of children accidentally hanging themselves with bunk-beds (slipping bodily through the side-rail and getting caught by the neck, for instance).

Personally; when I was much younger, my sister had the upper bunk, from where she once vomited on the top of my head.

A year or two later, when the beds were divided and placed in separate rooms (as they were designed to), I tripped and hit my head on the bed-post. The gash required stitches, and when they removed the stitches, I flinched so badly when the scissors came near that I required more stitches. I still have the scar, a discontinuity in my eyebrow.
fungus amungus (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Expected visitors, that is :)
Pauses with hand about to knock on Squidlabs door.

Follows Kitemnan's lead in stopping, wonders where money for the return trip is to be found/made

Darn, and I was so psyched to visit.
What?? Damn
*hitchhikes back to Texas*
huh. I didn't know you had a sister, or have a disconunity on your eyebrow...We could be related.
well I have high bed no and I have for many years (8) and the only time I was every hart was when I first slept on it and I automatically sat up. I got halfway there and hit my head. I had a small bruise but that was it. I find it hard to believe that someone could possible hurt themselves on a high bed who is vaguely intelligent and/or is not 5. I don't wish to offend people but you must be pretty slow to end up hanging your self.
ChicSpandex6 years ago
Another consideration is that, in the event of a fire, you will be where all the smoke and poisonous gasses go. Be sure you have smoke alarms.
i have a bunk bed and im 11 and the worst thing thats happened is i think an alien is on the Sighns but nothing else is bad in particular
Punkguyta6 years ago
I had bunk beds when I was a big younger. The worst that ever became of them I think was one night I slept on the wrong side and when I woke up, I didn't realize that my left arm was COMPLETELY asleep, not like a numbing asleep, it just wasn't there at all. When I when to put my arm down to push myself up, it felt like my arm had vanished through a hole in the mattress and I collapsed on myself and nearly smashed my head off the ladder for the top bunk.
candlelover6 years ago
Yeah, I always seemed to think they were kind of dangerous. Though I know as a kid I really wanted one!
D.L.H.6 years ago
The first time I was on a bunk bed I hit my head straight into the ceiling and was knocked out for about two hours. Aha good times good times.
Gage9876 years ago
ahem* beds not beads
Gage9876 years ago
most bunk beads are for corners and have railing on one side so you don't roll off mine did
i gotta say first time i slept in a bunk bed was the funniest day of my life i woke up hit the fan, fainted, woke up ten minutes later, and repeat lol went on bout 6 more times before i had enough memory to gether that it was the fan
Don't get it on with your college boyfriend on the top bunk unless you think it's funny when he says "She's the one who fell out."
i am 18 and i still sleep in a bunk bed and i had never had problems
110100101107 years ago
i was part of such accident in one of our school large trips (the so called year trip that lasts 3 days) there are 3 beds like that in the room. one of them is without mats and backboards. instead the boards are standing in the staircase outside and there are 2 mats on the floor. without thinking much we put them into the bed and go to sleep. the bed feels a bit unstable but not something critical (used to such things from other trips) we are in bed and lights are off but are not sleeping yet. we talk about all kinds of nonsense and hear the teachers outside tell students to go to bed and to switch off lights i feel as if the bed is moving slowly away from the wall. then cracking is heard. the bed gives way and crashes into the other one i landed on the bottom part of the second bed. i got scratched on the arm and hit from the wall. the one i landed on got hit by me but not too severely (i landed on his feet). the one on the bottom of our bed had a landing on his bag of clothes. all in all there was more fun than blood and we all went to sleep happy (us two on the floor) conclusion : if you want to enhance your trip experience - be the tom boy ! it just doubles the fun ! (proven lots of times)
Notbob7 years ago
Most of me and my siblings beds as a young children were bunk beds, and we never had problems with falling out of them... Maybe your only in real danger if your the kind of person that ends to be accident prone.....
Big Bwana8 years ago
And I though only Peeople on the bottom bunk suffered from accidents..........
I have to work here.

No matter what it takes.

You get to nap there if you want/need to. You guys even share them with visitors.
Not at the same time, though!
rachel Kiteman8 years ago
No, no, at 3PM everyday we all curl up together in a pile and sleep for an hour, our eyelids fluttering with chaste dreams. Visitors are welcome to join!
Patrik rachel8 years ago
I can see it now - one huge bunk bed, padded with vibrating pillows, fake fur, and silicone breasts... :-D
fungus amungus (author)  Patrik8 years ago
Oh, you must've stopped by while I was out!
Goodhart rachel8 years ago


AH! I should hope not! I didn't realize that's how it could read, lol.
leave it to someone going through midlife crisis to come up with that one.....oh, hi Kiteman *waves* :-)
*waves back*

Though, strangely, not with all his fingers...
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
Goodhart8 years ago
I grew up using a bunk. However the one I used at our "hunting camp" was like half a single up top, and I rolled out of it and bounced off the kerosene funace we had in there (during the summer, and when I was not quite a teen). My parants claim I woke them with the clang against the rounded metal furnace, and starting crying, they scooted me up into the bunk again (there was no where else without a person rearrangement at 2 am), and I slept through the night. Had I not had a bad headache and a knot on my head like an orange, I would not have known to ask about what might have occurred during the night :-) I slept on the bottom from that time on....
i slept on the top bunk for 9 weeks in basic training. we had 24 people to a room, we had like 3 people fall out of their bunks. we had roaming guards to make sure nobody hung themselves on the exposed pipes.
pickford788 years ago
teach your children not to be stupid. the smart children don't get hurt. not to offend anyone who has but just ask yourself, were you being smart at the time?
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I still sleep on the top bunk. SUPPOSEDLY one time when I was like 6 or 7 I fell off the top bunk while singing the N64 donkey kong song, and I didn't wake up.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Wow and I can't get hurt in my own bed...

especially since I like it involving whips...
...Wait........Oh.....Now I get it....
Sunbanks8 years ago
I always jumped off my bed and jumped around on it when I was little and I never got hurt.
Brennn108 years ago
I slept in a bunk bed for most of my pre-teen years. I am still alive and well.
Doveman8 years ago
Oh man.. good thing I dont have any brohers or sisters! But I must look over some of the bunkbeds at summercamp more closely....