Burning Man 2007 Time Lapse

Check out this awesome time-lapse of Burning Man 2007!
Video by peef from the Shipyard -- thanks to Star for the link.

From peef's notes:
The images were captured by a Canon G3 mounted in a weatherproof housing of my own design up on a 20 foot pole next to the Powertainer. There were 18,486 images shot at 2272x1704 which is almost 4 megapixels each. Some of the full-size stills are stunning! The camera was controlled by a custom Daemon I wrote using the Gphoto library, which ran on the Powertainer's Slackware linux system and the images were stored full-size on a hard drive. After the event, I ran another piece of code that downsampled the images to 640x480 then composed them at 30fps into a MPEG-4 video. My friend Tom Sepe added the Music and Titles for me and Voila!

The Man burns ( prematurely! ) around 3:55, then is temporarily removed by crane for repairs. The actual burn happens around 8:00. In between you'll catch lots of neon, dust storms, and some beautiful shadows crawling across the playa.

Gorgeous still photo taken by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid.

Picture of Burning Man 2007 Time Lapse
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Cool, i never knew they used solar power!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I want to go!
Way too cool. I want to go (kind of), it looks so fun! Some day, some day...
Labot20019 years ago

i'm SOOOO jealous!!!

i want to go to BM so baddd but i can't =[

one day, i shall go forth. one day...
zachninme9 years ago
Thats awesome! Why is it so late? Wasn't it back in September or something?
KentsOkay9 years ago
Cool! can't find you guys though =[