Burning Man Accidentally Burns Early

Burning Man update:
The Man caught (or was set) on fire early this morning during the lunar eclipse. The BRC fire crew extinguished the blaze, and they're rebuilding the structure and replacing the neon now. The fireworks and fuel hadn't been added yet, so the damage wasn't total.

Story, photos, and more links from Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

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rolfit10 years ago
looks more like a woman!!!
The damage to the man is total, even if the fuel and fireworks hadn't been added yet.

From the story:

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that the damages to the Burning Man sculpture are too extensive, therefore they are planning on building a new one within the next 72 hours which will be “officially” burned on Saturday.
Is burning man going on now?
Started on Monday and goes through next Monday.
Oh man..I really want to go sometime