Burning Saltwater?

i found this article in class today, and thought it was pretty interesting. a scientist discovered that by exposing saltwater to radio waves, it weakens the bonds in the water, and the hydrogen can be burnt.


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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Lets say it takes 40W of power to prouce the results, burning water, the heat generated by the flames might be able to power a steam turbine, that turbine would produce >20W power, meaning that this is not "free" energy....
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
This guy has the answers you're looking for:
I couldn't watch past the "I feel like a poor math teacher". I wanted to slap the guy. lol
No he doesn't. Did you listen to what he thought salt was?
Hasn't got a 'kin-clue what he talking about, but he thinks it's the fuel of the future...

Think that was bad? This guy is talking about "colors" of the water:
(apologies if I missed a note of sarcasm on the previous) Mmm, are these guys drunk, stoned or just twats? L
. I didn't see any signs of intoxication (but I wasn't really looking), so I'll go with the latter. ;) . That's assuming that a twat is similar to a twit. Around where I live, twat is slang for female genitalia. Not particularly vulgar, but not often used in "polite company," either.
I could have used a different word, moron? l
Kiteman lemonie10 years ago
According to an elderly dictionary I found in a cupboard, a moron is an individual "with the brain of a twelve-year old child".

Considers the membership...
lemonie Kiteman10 years ago
(I give up) The guy rambles for over 4 minutes about something he even admits he doesn't understand. Why? L
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