Burning questions: round 4...where are the entries?

I'm very confused. I was going to take a look at all the BQ entries and now they are all gone. All of us who entered our Instructables into the contest have been removed and it shows having zero entries. I apologize if I missed something here, I'm just curious. Also, some of the topics have been removed now? If anybody could clear some of this up, it would be great. :) Thanks, lovelies.

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unspecified9 years ago
I noticed also that the topic that duck-lemon and I chose is now gone - is that a bad thing for us?
canida9 years ago
Sorry, we've got a small bug. All of your entries are still there - it's just not showing up properly! We're fixing it now.
duck-lemon9 years ago
I just checked when you try and put it in again it says they are already there. No worries.

Where did my entry go?!
I hope it's an April Fools day joke, like the robot vandalizing up top.
you better be right
tech-king9 years ago
also on the subject of bq: in the first round, there were questions on ham radios. no one answered them. are they still good for round four?
Goodhart9 years ago
some of the topics have been removed

Well, it did say it was "updated" so maybe that also (accidentally or on purpose) removed the instructables?
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
maybe its an april fools prank?