Business card ninja

It's always amazing to see people take some simple skill and take it to ridiculous extremes. This video showcases one man's insane talent for throwing business cards. Popping balloons, up through open windows, and knocking stuff over. And here we were all wasting our time using them to share contact info.

via TechEBlog

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The candle on was awesome and the tomato
dllhacker7 years ago
lol throw the business cards in front of your workmates like a ninja XD it's amazing how he cut the balloon in the ceiling in half :D i do that with playing cards and actually got it to get lodged into a watermelon XD
VANFORMER7 years ago
 that was so awesome u gotta have an instructable on how to to do that 
indeed it is the ultimate way to distribute ur business cards lol =)
Cyrus VANFORMER7 years ago
 Yeah people will definitely remember you when your business card is lodged in their forehead.
daofgeek7 years ago
One word.


Now if he could get his cards to explode on impact, he'd be on to something.
hcaham7 years ago

Fantastic.  A 'Summer Olympics' consideration?
Well done.
A couple of things:
1. I can do this. I'm not as good as him but I'm pretty good with the foundations of it.
2. He wouldn't be good with ninja stars. Or metal cards. They are thrown differently and have massivly different properties. He probably wouldn't be great with laminated cards either.
3. If you wan't to know how to do this, message me. If enough people ask I'll just make an instructable.

Ok, budding card ninja out.
kelseymh7 years ago
Pretty good editing and property control during the shoot, except in one section.  On the interior set, they keep the floor clean between shots, so it looks like he's got a 100% success rate. 

However, keep your eye out at 1:16, just before he does the throw up through the second story window.  You can see a bunch of his cards scattered around him, which are presumably from failed attempts.  Not to take away from this fellows amazing skill; this bit just seems more realistic.
 true dat.
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