Butane Lighter Hand Grenade

I planning to get this book,i mean, it's not like im going to make one, i'm just curious on how the heck it works. What do you think?


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granonan7 years ago
i found a free pdf of it online, basically it is a lighter filled with flash powder and a fuse system to ignite the powder and explode the grenade. It also shows how to make HMTD (high explosive--super dangerous) to fill the lighter with. But its pretty straightforward.
Puzzlerf10 years ago
Actually I used to own that book. Its pretty sweet. Basically shows you how to make a normal bic into an actual grenade. will look like a normal lighter, spark it, has a 10second delay fuse, throw and boom.
lemonie10 years ago
12 bucks for a book that might just be as clever as this?

IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Yup, I saw that, and thats why I ended up not buying the book. The explosion also seemed kind of weak.
Sensible. I don't understand how a person can produce a $12 book on one device, or does it include other things under this umbrella? (I know you're probably not able to say by not having wasted your omoney on this crap) L
Punkguyta10 years ago
Poor idea very poor idea, like lasvagas said, it's dangourous to do this shit. I like playing with a explosives (no I'm not a pyro and I've even been "sternly asked by my vice principal if I like fire"). I do it for the "Bang" of a good cracker. But for christ sakes be careful and stand far back/use fuses/remote detonator. You can never be too careful, even if it seems like too much work.
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
Well all I have to say is that I'm not a pyro, I consider myself more like a weapons maker. I make these things for the destruction they make. Yes, it's dangerous, IF you don't take safety precautions or have no idea what your doing. But no, I'm not into "al-queda" or any of that shit.I hate those damn terrorists.
There is a happy medium, but I wouldn't be extremeist like the mythbusters. I remember they tried that exploding lighter trick or something and they stood like 200 feet away under glass sheilds, their fucking dumbasses, but then again, there's too many dumbass people that would try to give them shit.
jtobako Punkguyta10 years ago
you're a pyro. the first step is admiting it : )
Punkguyta jtobako10 years ago
No,..I'm not. Trust me, there are a lot more "fire inclined" people that do worse than me on this website alone. I have relatives that deal with different explosives in their jobs, and when I play around with things, I mean I stand the hell back. Pyros like to hold things in their hands while lighting it and hence the many "mysterious blow off hand" hospital cases. Like, what if you like blowing old airbags you might get off a car scrapyard? That doesn't make you a pyro because it's compressesed gasses. But it's fun anyways
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