Button pusher

I want to build a device that can push a button (such as keyboard, cell phone button, etc) with approximately the same force as a human would once every few seconds automatically. I've done a search, but haven't found a project like this. Has anyone published anything along these lines?

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fatwyman7 years ago
I made one that clips to the screen of my laptop and hits the 1 key every two seconds. batterie powered.  went to a teacher supply store and baught a little eletric motor just used binder clips and a thin peice of wood and a small metal rod that came from holding down garden drip line and done. 
BLACKROD10 years ago
There is an application called GhostMouse that can be used as an auto clicker. It can follow a special path that you choose, and click where, the program records the actions of you mouse pattern, and replays them. I'm not quite sure where to get the program anymore, try searching softpedia i guess.
Danny10 years ago
omfg the lazyness of todays people tut tut tut
baggers (author)  Danny10 years ago
Hey, if you want to sit there pressing a button for up to 10 hours, be my guest. Me, I'll do what us humans have been doing for the past few hundred years and try and make technology do the work for me ;-)
Danny baggers10 years ago
i dont know if this will work but you can download macros for runescape called autotypers and they are programed to type whatever youve enterered and you can set it to have intervalls of whatever u want and it will run until you shud it down or if that doesnt work then you can download mouse macro
CameronSS10 years ago
It seems that a solenoid with either a timer chip or a capacitor would do that...Lasvegas could probably help a lot better than I could, or some other genius on this site. Do we get a hint what you are making?
baggers (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
Sure: I edit a site that reviews cell phones. One of the things we do is test their battery life, and that includes when they are web browsing. To simulate the browsing experience, I built a device that pushes the buttons on a regular basis. However, I built it out of lego and it's not that reliable; the motors don't seem to be powerful enough to push some of the buttons in. I'm looking for a more robust solution. Actually, if someone wants to build me one, there would be a few bucks in it for you.
I've been trying to find a push solenoid that size for ages... actually I've given up :P A gearhead motor with an appropriate cam will do the trick ;)
check sciplus.com
Solenoid Selection

None of them a push unfortunately :(
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