Buy a massive cryptex built by Mythbusters

Want to buy a massive cryptex? What if it was made by the Mythbusters team? Well now's your chance as this huuuuge 13' long and 6' tall device. Bids are being accepted via eBay and the proceeds go to the EFF. The only catch is that you need to pick it up in person in San Francisco.

Hey, wait a second... our office is in San Francisco. I need to go and talk to Eric.

eBay auction via Make

Picture of Buy a massive cryptex built by Mythbusters
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ReCreate8 years ago
Tomorrow's The last day of the auction!
=SMART=8 years ago
wait... how does that work ?
1up =SMART=8 years ago
Here's a link.
merijnvw 1up8 years ago
It works different than a 'normal' cryptex and it's not really clear how it works when you look at it, so you can't look it up on Google. But I think this Cryptex doesn't work so well because you can look inside it
Derin 1up8 years ago
Ummmm....who's your friend? Is Google your friend? Yes it is! Google is your friend! Oooh, what a good friend Google is!
PKM kelseymh8 years ago
Where's the "burn" GIF when you need it? Presumably this is a machine for performing Caesar cyphers.. it's a shame they are the easiest sort to crack. Does someone want to invent a machine that does Vigenere cyphers?
DJ Radio8 years ago
Pay extra so the mythbusters autograph it!
Oh man, you don't even know how much I would pay for that.
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