Bye! (Not)


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~KGB~5 years ago
Megametal has. It's a shame really, eventually he will resist the temptation to see what's been made, and the jealousy will boil up and regret annoy him. He will miss the Kinetic Rifle, automatic weapons etc.
To be honest, that exactly!

Im gonna stay on the site actually, just not build.

Time for a Forum Topic!
I know. Im making an oodammo shotbow now and it will be posted soon =D
Noice! How does removable clips for my shotgun sound?
sounds epic! =D
Yep, I will start them tomorrow, your ammo is what will make them work :)
Epic! nice, i kinda had the idea of making removable mags but then i started making my shotbow lol XD
Seleziona (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
:D AWESOMEEE! Planning on building anything special?
~KGB~ Seleziona5 years ago
oodammo shotbow now =D
TheDunkis5 years ago
Let the ego feeding commence!
Seleziona (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
~ That's my favorite, the tilde.
Seleziona (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
Nice. Haha, the tilde is pretty cool :P
Kinetic5 years ago
You too now? Wow I never would have thought...

K'nex is not dead. Innovation is just at a standstill. There are so many guns still being made, but they are really all the same. Like you, I tried to spark some ideas a while ago with some, what I consider, "breakthroughs". However There is no way that I am going to quit. I am in my junior year in high school and i don't have the time to dedicate myself right now, but I simply cannot quit because there are so many possibilities that remain.

Don't decide to quit, because eventually you are going to want to come back.
Seleziona (author)  Kinetic5 years ago
Are you sure? Should I really not quit? I'm really reconsidering this now. To hear this from you, I jut might not then.. hmmm...
Seleziona (author)  dansdoc5 years ago
haha, alright.
Seleziona (author)  dansdoc5 years ago
Well what I mean is that you shouldn't say your going to quit because then you'll feel obliged to your word and, though you may have some good ideas, you won't say anything simply because you want to keep your word. Just take breaks...I do it a lot lol.
Seleziona (author)  Kinetic5 years ago
Yeah, you're right. If I do get a good idea I'm gonna want to post it.
You're right on the second part too. Maybe I just need a little break!
You still doing you kinetic rifle?
Yes I have had some time over April vacation to work on that. Most of the pictures have been taken and then I'll try to find time to improve my semi-auto.
dansdoc Kinetic5 years ago
MegaMetal85 years ago
KGB Isnt leaving with us.
i might quit knex but not the site
up 2 ya
i know...
My last comment to u
ok, cya!
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal85 years ago
I might not either... Really reconsidering it now
Hell yeah, read this
You're still ragequitting lol.
i dont care wat u say DJ...
I'm not the one who said this:
Game Over
Wasn't due until tomorrow.
It was over here, damn forgot about time difference.
GrandeSwag5 years ago
You guys are all goons. Just because the "big" builders haven't been making much doesn't mean you shouldn't. Few people have added to this community but many take from it. We have done our part, now it's time to do yours.
Seleziona (author)  GrandeSwag5 years ago
Haha.. I'm a goon!
You sir, make a very good point.
Im not the goon on this page. And its not you either.
crestind5 years ago
Innovation isn't dead, and it never will. It's called age and changing interests.
Mepain crestind5 years ago
>Innovation isn't dead, and it never will.
>Innovation will never dead.
crestind Mepain5 years ago
Mepain mad. I never mad.
never too old to K'nex
Seleziona (author)  Knex Lego Maniac5 years ago
I agree
Vynash5 years ago
May Fools Day probably lol, i just cant believe your leaving if its real QQ
Kiteman5 years ago
Why does growing out of K'NEX mean you have to leave the site?

Just switch materials.
jollex Kiteman5 years ago
I actually want to cry. You all were some of the best knexers. Please don't go!
tytiger335 years ago
Danmit you made some of the best sights and scopes! I HATE that YOU'RE LEAVING. Before you go start making new sights and scopes like crazy man or I will hunt you down and kill you in what seems like a horrible accident!
~KGB~5 years ago
i agree with you, knex is dead.
I dont think that Knex is dead. I will keep going until I either get removed or I get bored. And I am 15.
yes it is, im 15 aswell, there is also too many noobs lol =D
Im not a noob, Im actually very good. Just not as good as ViccieB.1993 or DJ Radio.
did i call you a noob? no i didnt.
LOL ok. Do you have any plans of selling them?
well, yep, ebay
Geez, If I had an Ebay and a credit card; I would make an offer. Then again you live in Ireland and I live on the eastern seaboard of the USA.
lol, its goin to cost like €60 shipping =D
Whoa there. That is a lot of money; I hase US Dollars beacuse Im from the US of course. Here, its like $85 I think if you use the euro.
i know.
And my family dont have credit cards, too risky of getting into debt.
ok lol
And you welcomed me to this site. I would carry your torch of commenting alot.
what do you mean??? =D
You were the first one to see my first thing on this site. And since you are leaving, I want to be the one who comments on all of the new knex 'ibles; like you do now. And I have a surprise planned for you.
Are you going to post ibles for your guns!
sounds intresting =D
DJ Radio ~KGB~5 years ago
Maybe all the "good" knex builders are busy and they want you to actually MAKE stuff. Funny thing is that none of you have made anything in the past few months. The most recent knex project from any of you 3 was Seliziona's XM8. Don't whine if you don't try and fix the problem.
~KGB~ DJ Radio5 years ago
knex is dead what i think, and i just have no time for them...
DJ Radio ~KGB~5 years ago
It's up to YOU to change it. You aren't solving the problem by leaving.
~KGB~ DJ Radio5 years ago
yes i know but im not really into knexing anymore... no time for them
instruct395 years ago
i think the problem is that people are just getting too old and there are nobody new to take there place.
why? Oh why?
Leaving Knex doesn't solve anything!
Seriously though, I am actually close to tears...
bounty10125 years ago
Welcome to the club.
dansdoc5 years ago
awwwww you were so good!
TheDunkis5 years ago
I admit that K'nex reached its golden age a while ago but that just leaves a lot of room for the more experienced builders. I need to pass on the torch to someone because I have plenty of ideas still left to be built but so little pieces, time, patience, and experience to do so. I'm off to college next year so I probably won't even bring my K'nex with me.