C++ Keylogger

Im posting this forum to find out what you people think about posting a instructable about a kelogger..... any ideas?

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EmmalsE1 year ago

Show me your ideas about my Micro keylogger.


jimmaqualin4 years ago
A software keylogger would probably record keystrokes from an O/S soft keyboard like Microsoft, depending on where exactly it hooks into the operating system.
See more about How to Detect If a Keylogger is Installed:
PKM7 years ago
Yes- I suggest when you post your source code you remove key parts of it from non-obvious places so that anyone wanting to actually make a keylogger using your code would have to understand it and re-insert the missing sections. This ensures that script kiddies don't compile your code and do terrible things with it- in theory anyone capable of fixing up your code would have been capable of writing it in the first place so you are less liable.

Also consider that there are real, serious potential legal issues with making keyloggers available because they may facilitate illegal activities.

All of that said, I'd like to see that Instructable because it would be useful to find out more about keyboard APIs, the message loop and so on for a keyboard project I'm working on.
yared77 years ago
show as your thing.
fwjs288 years ago
when in doubt post
B.F.L.M (author)  fwjs288 years ago
Roger that. I should have it in about a week
fwjs28 B.F.L.M8 years ago
YAYz, i don't really know much in c++ other than how to make a caluclator program...
B.F.L.M (author)  fwjs288 years ago
hahaa, well you know what they say: "When life gives you lemons...Go buy some ice and sugar or your lemonade's gonna succk!"
fwjs28 B.F.L.M8 years ago
Exactly :P