C3 Corvette Stingray to Flex Fuel/Swapping engines? Or, Tell my if my boyhood fantasy can be a reality

Short story: How hard would it be to drop a new, maybe flex-fuel, oh-say-maybe-an Impala engine into a C3 Corvette? Long story: I love Corvettes. A lot. I have decided to save up enough money over the next two years to purchase a C3 (1968-82) Corvette, and bring it up to modern motoring glory. I've been poking around, and looks like I can get a POS for about 10-15 grandios americanos. ANYWAY I'd like to replace the old engine with a nice new fuel injected, computer controlled, more efficient engine then whatever is inside. All I'm really after is the body. Frumpy 70's interior and matching engine numbers be screwed. My question to you: Several new Chevys are flex fuel, how hard would it be to get a wrecked car (I'm thinking an Impala might be about right), take out the engine and computer control goodness, and stick it in said 'Vette? My plans for the Corvette, I'm thinking a '80-'82 if I have choice, I'd totally get a '64 split window, but they be EXPENSIVE: ~Complete interior overhaul; brushed aluminum dash (retro-motorfied-Apple-esque?), sound system etc... ~New paint job; blue with silver racing stripes (like the new Shelby Cobra, reversed) ~New engine, and what ever mechanical tune-ups are required. ~I might make the sunroof removable ~Whatever else comes to mind in my owner ship of the most awesome thing on 4 wheels Thanks!!

Picture of C3 Corvette Stingray to Flex Fuel/Swapping engines? Or, Tell my if my boyhood fantasy can be a reality
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KentsOkay (author) 4 years ago
I would just like to update; I bought a 1990 with a new ZZ4 V8. I am in love with my car.
KentsOkay (author)  KentsOkay4 years ago
52k miles, automatic. Currently working on getting it ready for autocross. At 55mph I get 32ish mpg, haven't felt a need yet to get all alternative fuel with it, but I have seen a cool petrol to electric swap on a C4.
lbryant14 years ago
bumping a dead thread!! No one here has mentioned the Megasquirt ECU? The newest version can actually use a GM flex fuel sensor and is exactly what you needed..you can put pretty much any engine you want in and tailor all the settings to your desires. And in the spirit of instructables you build the ECU yourself!
Qcks4 years ago
So... i think maybe you're over complicating things quite a bit. I looked into this issue back when i was looking to convert my car over to natural gas a few years ago....

Flexfuel engines are designed to 'adapt' to various fuel sources, however, the necessity of that adaptability arose out of the specificity of fuel injection systems. If you get rid of the fuel mixing system, you have your engine with the fuel adaptability you're looking for.

Carberators are actually more flexible in their ability to mix fuel then fuel injectors. Fuel injectors can lead to slightly better engine performance, but every type of fuel that goes into a fuel injector requires adjustment in order to be able to burn right in the engine. Flex-fuel engines allow for dynamic adjustment in the engine as the fuel is consumed (the computer control unit adjusts the valve timing according to the oxygen sensor readings); Carberators do this by adjusting the fuel mix, prior to being combusted in the engine.

if you want a flexible fuel sports car, you might consider seeing if you can have your vette retrofitted with a carberator.
Bandido4135 years ago
just a stalker resurrecting your thread if any of you are still active..... did you wind up getting a c3 and doing a swap? I have been looking for a swap myself... however I am currently thinking a crate engine and the accompanying rebuilt 6spd.... or the cheap option of getting an LH8 and trans from a wrecked vehicle
jbrandt6 years ago
I dont think that a new motor is really what that type of car needs. A classic American car should have exactly what was put in it, keep it the way that the engineers designed it first. Adding new things to beef it up may look cool to the inexperienced car lover, however, to someone who knows what hes looking at, he wont be that impressed. Keep it original and it'll be cooler, worth more, and more attractive to the expert car lover.
acidbass8 years ago
you don't want a corvette for your fist car because they are fiberglass and if you wreck them they are totaled but yes it is possible to do my friend has done it but 2 years later it got totaled by an 18 wheeler BTW the pic that is on the far right the one with the silver car with blue racing stripes that is a mustang shelby edition cobra
KentsOkay (author)  acidbass8 years ago
Fiberglass is also easy to repair. Besides, it wouldn't be my first either. I have a first car, a '93 buick century. If I was black it would be a tight car to have but as I'm not... I know the one on the right is a cobra, I put it there :P It's the paint job I want, just reversed.
i could paint it easy once you get it done plus if you need help i am there
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