can anyone help with either how to make or where to get the tools to open the coin box on uk payphones

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msc (author) 9 years ago
lol i did think of a wing and a pray but it is still locked
msc (author) 9 years ago
actually I have a old 1989 payphone bought at auction minus the keys I want to convert the old rotary tone dial to a pulse dial keypad and replace the coin slot to accept new coins and would like to do this without ruining the looks of the phone by having to drill out the locks and trying to find a lock of nearly the same style as they have been superseeded by new better locks I purchased the coin slot and keypad from a bt approved company in the midlands but understandably both them and bt will not tell me how I can remove the coins once they are in the box incase I do what you all think I want to do perhaps i should have been a bit clearer first of all
okoshima msc9 years ago
try google... or a small amount of explosives... .remember your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off
Goodhart9 years ago
I don't know how it is in the UK, but over in the states, that is a Federal offense.
It is also an offence over here - theft at least, plus vandalism, and I think there are specific laws regarding damage to public utilities. Pleas don't try it, msc, since BT have been known to remove payphones from areas where they are vandalised, and they can be lifesavers in case of accidents.
=I found a Kiteman TYPO!!!!!!=JK!:)
Huh? Where?

Develops nervous twitch
PLEAS don't try it, msc...
Oh, yes. Oh, pleas is a real word.
Well, I know that, but not in the context you used it...;)
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