CCTV power help (confused?)


Im a newbie to this forum and electronics. I have a question for you clever guys.

I have a mini cctv similar to this:

Now my problem is, the wire coming out of the camera has been cut and there is no adapter of any sort at the other end.

How can i power it up with the mains (i have a suitable mains adapter)? I mean can i simply join the ends of the wires and plug it in to the mains?



I hooked this up to a 9V power supply and tested it but didnt get a picture. I know why, the cam is 1.2GHz and the receiver is 2.4GHZ!! AAAGH!

How can I go about getting this fixed?? I don't mind if it is a wired or wireless solution

Picture of CCTV power help (confused?)
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cliffyd1 year ago

cliffyd4 years ago
i have the same camera and the wireless transmitter that is soldered to the camera board malfunctioned (from china for 9.99 what to expect). Now cut av cables off one end, take the wires from those and match up the red, white, black and sometimes yellow wires to the camera board. Its very tiny circut so remember to use flux and not to much heat when soldering or you can fry it! easy fix.
uuili (author) 10 years ago
it is the power cord because it is a wireless cam. Im just worried i might kill myself when plugging it in to the mains! LOL By the way are there any projects that i can use the cam for?? thanks
LasVegas uuili10 years ago
You say you have a "suitable mains adapter." If the adapter has two seperate wires, one will have a line or grooving on the edge. Identify this as Negitive. The other wire is positive. Now, if the wire is coaxial (one wire within the other) the center wire is positive and the "shield" or outside strands are negitive. Note that this is normally the case. In rare cases, especially with no-name budget components, the wires may be reversed. If you match positive to positive, negitive to negitive and the adapter is the correct voltage and sufficiant current, you should be safe.
uuili (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
Thanks Las Vegas. Before I hack the adapter, I have noticed there are 3 wires coming out of the cam (red, white and black). What is the white wire for? The voltage on the cam is 8V, can a smaller output voltage be used with this (eg 5V)? THANK YOU for all your help
LasVegas uuili10 years ago
Hmmm.... 3 wires... That's a problem. Without knowing what the purpose of the extra wire is, it would be dificult. Perhaps the camera and the transmitter require difference and/or isolated power. Check to see if the back cover can be pried from the back of the unit to determine the destination of each wire...
uuili (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
The red and black wires go into a circuit board. the white wire does not go into the circuit board, but in a sealed 'packet' where the antenna appears to come out of.
LasVegas uuili10 years ago
Gosh! I wish your camera had a better Macro setting. I can't make much out from the photo. Based on your description though, I'd say the camera is powered through the red (+) and black (-) wires. The white wire, I expect should be connected to Earth ground; Not the neutral line of the mains, but the Ground line (normally green).
uuili (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
LOL I have a very poor camera sorry. The cam is so small that you can just about see detail with the naked eye so a digi cam has no chance. So do you have any ideas on how I can get this thing working? Thank for all your replies
LasVegas uuili10 years ago
My instructions above should get the camera transmitting. As to recieving, you'll need a compatible reciever.
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