CCTV video sniffing equipment

Hello. I'm hoping that someone knows how to rig a 2.4 ghz transmitter, antenna and video screen to capture and record cctv camera video, a.k.a. "video sniffing". My thanks.

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zimgir (author) 9 years ago
forgot to mention, it's all legal if permission is given. Thanks Goodhart, I'll have a look, but clearly I'm going to have to find a soldering guru.
Sun Gear zimgir9 years ago
GIR!!! i love invader zim.good avatar but my reaction clearly states it

it is probably illegal but fun to try.
Goodhart9 years ago
Are any of these links of any use ?

Link #1: 2.5 ghz single chip rcvr.

and here I discovered a list of schematics....

And one bit on a transverter.... BUT these are offered only under the expectation that they will be used (if used) legally.
zimgir (author) 9 years ago
yes, receiver, mistyped that. Probably digital as the cameras that are coming to the Vancouver Olympics will all be new. The legality in Canada is as such: 1. it's not illegal to make the equipment 2. permission makes it legal to capture the signal 3. capturing analog signals isn't illegal but showing them to another person seems to be 4. capturing digital signals might be illegal if it needs to be decrypted, and the same rules as with analog re showing it I have lawyers looking into 3 & 4 as we (myself and my interested employer) are not sure, but 1 & 2 are very clear. My proposal to work is to create a CCTV film festival pre-Olympics and we may go forward even if it is illegal, although I'm not looking forward to the $25,000 fine or the year in jail.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
It would seem you need a receiver instead of a transmitter. And then there are analog and digital signals to deal with. And then there is the question of whether you can legally do it or not.