This is an AMAZING looking gun by cool bas3
All credits go to him and here is his gun so go 5 star, fave it, and subcribe to cool bas3.

here is is:

click the dang link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Nothing super amazing as far as innovation goes. It's something I wouldn't claim not being post worthy but just not super impressive. A pretty good first shot though I'll give him that.
KnexFreek (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
 well i know that! lol i just wanted to show that it looks so sweet! 
looks 10/10 for me
other specs of gun combined 6/10

Lowney8 years ago
It's good, but it's not as amazing as you make it out  Did he put you up to this?  
KnexFreek (author)  Lowney8 years ago
no he didnt, and i like the looks. the gun itself as far as shooting goes is only ok tho. :)
I'm gonna click it
its not a rickroll
I know I clicked it....Can't you read?