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Kiteman6 years ago
That's the newsletter.

News letter.



But only one thing in it was published this year!

Not the first time this happend. That's why I made a topic about it for the last newsletter.


So, I wasn't imagining it...
Nope if you look at each newsletter you'll see that most of the time 50 procent or more of the ibles are old ones.

I can get why for the guides they don't make so many of those but we got some good ibles every month so why not make 80 procent new ones and 20 procent good oldies?
It's a change of policy, somewhere - the newsletter really did used to be mainly new stuff.

Well I for one don't like the change...

As you said it's a newsletter it should have new stuff. Ofcourse nowadays I visit this site 10-15 times a day so there isn't anything they can show me what I haven't seen. But the people who are not like me deserve to see the newest ibles.

Also getting in the newsletter is an extra boost for any member around here. It's like getting featured but twice as cooler :D

Also getting in the newsletter is an extra boost for any member around here. It's like getting featured but twice as cooler :D

That's why we're running classic projects in the newsletter - so new members can learn about the older, awesome Instructables they've missed!  With >35,000 projects it's hard to find things, so this is one way we're trying to help.

And by the way - the Thursday newsletter is devoted to new projects, while the Sunday newsletter gets mostly the classics.  We'll probably change up the format again, but that's the current working theory!
jeff-o Kiteman6 years ago
Maybe the newsletter items are based on the most searched-for and most popular instructables of the week.  If that's the case, I'm not at all surprised to see gardening, Easter, and Paracord instructables here.  As for the others, well, who knows?
dombeef Kiteman6 years ago
 Yeah I know it has never been like this!
aeromancy6 years ago
Yes, it is certainly strange that they have just recently started making the newsletter full of older Instructables. Maybe they want to reintroduce some of the lesser-known 'Ibles....
Maybe they want to reintroduce some of the lesser-known 'Ibles....

Ding!  You win the prize. Except that these aren't lesser-known Instructables - most of them were big when they came out, but have gotten buried by all the new stuff.  Keep in mind that while most of you commenting here are familiar with the classics, there are (literally) hundreds of thousands of people who subscribe to the newsletter who have never seen these projects!  This is one way we're experimenting with to try and make sure people find the awesome older projects we all love.

The Thursday morning newsletter is still all new stuff, while the Sunday morning newsletter covers classic Instructables.  We'll probably run some more experiments in the future, but that's what's going on now!

drakesword6 years ago
As I said in tthe other topic. . .

QUOTE :::::
This is the way I view a change.

Have two main sections
1) New featured 'bles
2) Golden Oldies

possibly a third "user voted" section with most viewed, most commented on, highest rated new 'bles

They can separate the news letter into three columns with headers describing the categories above. Have about 5 for each category.