Hey Guys have you ever been on your computer and after a while, you get bored, and want to stay on your computer but don't know what to do! Well that's why i'm writing this. this happend to me a couple minutes ago so i came here to ask this: IF YOU HAVE ANY WEB SITES THAT WE CAN VISIT OR KNOW SOMETHING WE CAN DO ON OUR COMPUTERS WHEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO POST SOMETHING HERE AND TELL EVERYONE. So if its a game , software, a site etc.etc. tell us RICK,

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LasVegas10 years ago
Solitaire? Don't tell me you don't have it.
My dad often opts for freecell
freecell is hard but fun
I gave up on Freecell a long time ago, once I started winning every time... L
rickick (author)  lemonie10 years ago
I second That!
Brennn10 rickick10 years ago
I used to play Black Jack, but I was kicked out of the game because I won too much money.
rickick (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
That could work but it gets sort of boring.
I you have facebook check out the app YoVille
Tomcat949 years ago
Stepmania!!! A dance dance revolution clone that works like a charm. There is a whole bunch of good songs on the stepmania website. I downloaded every song from DDR Extreme. It just never gets old, especially if you have a dance mat. :D
ll.1310 years ago
Supertux? -win -*nix -psp
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