CP2101 USB to serial IC

Sparkfun makes an excellent breakout board for Silicon Laboratories' CP2101 IC. It looks like this board could be used to connect a PC to your microprocessor through a USB port without having to use a MAX232 IC to convert the TTL voltage levels to the serial port voltage levels and then a USB to serial converter. Drivers are available so the PC sees the CP2101 as a COM port so hyper-terminal could be used to communicate with the microP.

The 'S' in USB stands for serial, it should would be nice to connect a PC to a microP using only one piece of hardware. Am I right about the CP2101 providing this ability?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

øPossum8 years ago
The FTDI chips have better drivers than the SiLabs CP21xx chips.
The cable version is really cool. Available from DigiKey, Mouser, and others.
nolte919 (author)  Ã¸Possum8 years ago
Wow, the cable version is pretty cool. I knew there had to be an easy way to connect my projects to a PC for serial communication. Thanks again.
nolte919 (author)  Ã¸Possum8 years ago
Right on! Thanks! It's cheaper too. I really appreciate it!!