Cadsoft EAGLE Schematic and PCB editor

Cadsoft is a German company that is a veritable mecca of software distribution enlightenment. In addition to the reasonably-priced professional PCB design packages ($1200), they have freeware, lite, non-profit, and other intermediate licenses. Their software runs under windows, linux, and MacOSX. It's slightly quirky, with a steep (but not too high) learning curve on the front end, but from most reports it is not any more so than other professional CAD packages. They have online support forums that are active from both the company and other users, the package is under current development and gets better with each release. A number of PCB fabricators will accept their CAD files directly. It's good stuff.
Use it. Propagate it. Buy it when you "go pro."

There are several EAGLE related instructables now:

Schematic Entry
Create PCB from Schematic
Making PCBs for Hobbyists
Creating Library Parts

In theory, this forum is a place for all the little questions that don't rate an instructable on their own, or a gathering place for info destined to future instructables, and stuff like that.

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steve587 years ago
Nice tutorial. Unfortunately my eagle doesn't behave as expected. When I click "add" and enter a part in the search field, I never get any results. Never. I can search for obvious stuff, like the 555 timer you used, and the search always fails. It's almost as if I don't have any libraries of parts, but I do.The left frame of the control panel is full of them. How can I make search work when adding a part? Version: Eagle 5.10.0 Light
westfw (author)  steve587 years ago
Sometimes, for reasons I haven't quite figured out, EAGLE ends up defaulting to "using" none of the libraries, even though they are in the search path. Try typing "use *" in the cli command area...
steve58 westfw7 years ago
Thanks! The other huge problem I had, *before* I found your instructable was trying to use the obvious to me wire tool to make connections on the schematic. :-( Thanks again.
vwbusmann10 years ago
Hello, I'm a Noob to Eagle, and to CAD programs in general. This might sound stupid, but where do I find in the components like Ceramic Disk Capacitors and Carbon Film Resistors for thru hole boards in the libraries. I find lots of what looks like Surface Mount ones. Thanks
westfw (author)  vwbusmann10 years ago
There's actually quite a bit about "finding" standard components in the Schematic Instructable.