Caffeinated mint candies

Okay so my latest project is making caffeinated hard mint candies. I finished the first batch the other day (pictured below). I worked out a safe and easy way to remove the binders and fillers from the caffeine tablets I picked up, and the stuff tastes pretty good too. The candies apparently work pretty well too; they kept me awake through two early morning chemistry classes on Friday. Unfortunately, there's a couple of problems I'm having that I'd appreciate a bit of help with, if there are any candy-makers out there. First, the mint and vanilla extracts I'm using seem to vaporize out of the candy too quickly, and the blue colouring decomposes when the candy gets to the correct temperature. Does anyone know if it would work to take the pot off the stove and leave it a few minutes before adding flavourings and colour? Second, to make the actual candy pieces, I stretched the candy mass into a long rod and chopped pieces off with a cleaver, but the pieces vary wildly in size (and therefore caffeine dosage). Does anyone know of a way to make more uniform pieces, or do I just need more practice? Thanks, with any luck, I'll be able to make an instructable of the second batch.

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lemonie8 years ago
Add the mint & colouring after you've poured it out and work it in with a pallet knife.
This video shows it well enough:

Ro]x[as (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Oh wow, that's pretty intense. Gives me a few ideas anyways, thank you.
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
You could make a press kind of like play-doh toys. This stuff sounds neat, cant wait to see the 'ible.
Or pour it into moulds?
That's a better idea...
Kiteman8 years ago
I don't know about point 1, but to get uniform sizes, roll the candy into a uniform snake (like kids do with modelling clay), and then cut it by pressing a straight knife-blade on the sausage and rolling it back and forth.