Caitlin on the Maker Faire catwalk

Our fabulous Textile Enchantress Lynne Bruning  put on an e-textile fashion show at the World Maker Faire NYC 2010.  A collection from various makers who integrate technology into wearable fashion.  Caitlin modelled the blinking glove and i-hoodie which put some Instructables Righteousness into the show( ok, I had to bribe Caitlin to get on stage).  What an opportunity to showcase a project. Thanks to Lynne for giving us 15 minutes of fame.

Below is the video from Lynne's website. Browse through to get some ideas for the Soft Circuit Contest.  Get inspired to make something for the next Maker Faire.

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Goodhart6 years ago
I am really sorry I missed that....I hope they have something as awesome THIS year, as I am planning on staying the two days
happyjo6 years ago
:D This is really awesome! :D
For those with short atention spans, jump to 1:46
caitlinsdad (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
and no need to read previous comments...
I got as far as Kiteman's monkey and lost interest.
Kiteman7 years ago
Oh, if looks could kill...
caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
She does shake a mean fist of righteousness...
Caitlin - you are my hero!
I am excited to see what you make for next years show.
350 days........
Good job Caitlin!

How long till we get the ible on how to bribe a daughter dad? I got 3 of them and don't think bribery would work, blackmail thou is a differant story.
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