Call Of Duty MW3 Wii clan

Hey, I have recently got this game for my b-day, and would like to make a clan for multiplayer! please if you do happen to have this game tell me your ally code and request this one as an ally; 1784-0622-3681 the clan is called berets,

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my name on mw3 on Wii is black_hammer in

going to add u

sarfrazfx4 years ago
anyone want to play with me???

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mostack4 years ago
who wont to join my clan [4ES] we got 92 people
mostack4 years ago
if u wont to vs my clan [4ES] add me 2897 7289 5885
ally code: 097880944231
kdunn76 years ago
hey, im ganna add u as an ally right now my name is keegan
mrelement (author)  kdunn76 years ago
you are added
The name is morgan
My code is 3938 7244 1167
Tyler46496 years ago
hey, my name is tyler. and i wanted to join a im going to add your code so i can join.
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