Call for contest judges

Hi everyone! You might have noticed we're running tons of contests these days.

We need judges more than ever to make sure our contests keep running smoothly and fairly!

The judging process is fairly simple and normally involves looking at contest finalists and rating them on a scale from 1-9. Judging is typically open Friday afternoon through Monday night, though some of the larger contests have judging that runs for a week. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!

If it’s not a good time for you to judge when we contact you, no worries. We always try to assign more judges than we need in case something comes up.

You can find out more about judging a contest here.

Don't worry!  Judges are selected after finalists are selected, so volunteering to judge will not affect your chances of being a finalist in any contest you enter.

To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let us know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below:
  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play

Thanks for helping us keep the site awesome!

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td20152 days ago

Sometime I miss the judge email I still interested

I can judge in any of these catagories except food and living.

funelab11 days ago

I'd like to judge Tech and Workshop

I would like to judge all categories except food.

BaptisteL818 days ago

I am in! all categories

td201521 days ago

Will judge

sara_10125 days ago

awesome sauce! i <3 to judge! NOT in a bad way, but in a good way!

i like seeing people's ideas and thoughts about their projects some of them just WOW! some of them are ok because i've seen them once in a while, but some projects are full of creativity, they make ME so inspired, i myself would just love to join as a judge! but i don't think that's happening anytime soon! im still a newbie on instructables, but im getting there! hopefully... ;D

long story short, me judging 4 food, living, or play! any is best!

nmrcons1 month ago

still want to judge

I would love to judge for an outdoor, tech, play, or living contest! I have loved looking at all the fantastic projects on this site for several years! It was only recently that I became interested in contests and actually becoming the author. Feel free to check out my newest instructable: "3d Print your Voice" and please consider me to be a judge!



I would be very interested in judging a tech, play, living, or outdoor contest! I have been reading instructables for a long time, and they have helped me live a more awesome life! It was only recently that started looking into contests and got interested in becoming an author! Thanks for your consideration!


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