Call for contest judges

Hi everyone! You might have noticed we're running tons of contests these days.

We need judges more than ever to make sure our contests keep running smoothly and fairly!

The judging process is fairly simple and normally involves looking at contest finalists and rating them on a scale from 1-9. Judging is typically open Friday afternoon through Monday night, though some of the larger contests have judging that runs for a week. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!

If it’s not a good time for you to judge when we contact you, no worries. We always try to assign more judges than we need in case something comes up.

You can find out more about judging a contest here.

Don't worry!  Judges are selected after finalists are selected, so volunteering to judge will not affect your chances of being a finalist in any contest you enter.

To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let us know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below:
  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play

Thanks for helping us keep the site awesome!

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Raminstills2 hours ago

Thanks for the opportunity. I would be interested in judging CRAFT

Thanks for considering me. I would be interested in judging Workshop, Food, Living or Outdoor.

tzny17 hours ago

Food and Workshop preferred, but open for all categories.


sure i would like to be a judge in any category sing me up workshop,tech or outdoor

Tsartsanis22 hours ago

Digital life 101 & Raspberry Pi

Living , workshop and outdoor! No preference on which one I like most...

thanks, I'm open to judge, 1) food 2) living

I'd be happy to help judge anything, espscially Tech, Outdoor, or Workshop.

I would be happy to judge anything, but would be most interested in workshop, tech and food.

Happy to! 1) Tech, 2) Workshop, 3) Outdoor, 4) Play. I don't know nothin' about Food.

dr_phil2 days ago

Count me in; workshop and tech please.

We love FOOD :)

Thank you for the offer, sure why not.

I would like to judge tech, outdoor, workshop please

UlrichR22 days ago

I would like to judge Food and Outdoor please. Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!
I would like to do tech and play please. =)

wartellc3 days ago



Thank you for the opportunity!

I am interested in:


Hello, thank you for the opportunity! I would like to judge workshop.

I would love to do Food, Living or Play. Thanks!

bmxmiles5 days ago

Sorry, nevermind, I think I won't be able to judge, I'm really not sure how to do it, and if I have time to do so. ):

bmxmiles5 days ago

outside for me

Hello, thank you! I would like to judge outdoor and play.

RobBest5 days ago

Tech for me

ashesh836 days ago

Tech & Living.

robolimbo6 days ago

Workshop and outdoors.

JackDavies7 days ago

hey I'm interested in

Workshop & Tech


I would love to judge anything woodwork and homemade tools and Machines

koko330997 days ago

I would like to judge Living, Workshop, Outdoors, and Play

SquareBoot8 days ago

Hello, thanks! I would like to judge these two categories: Tech and Workshop.

Hi! I am willing to judge anything!

Thank you very much! I'd like to judge workshop, outdoor and living.

zjnolan9 days ago

Thank you for the opportunity!

I am interested in:





Thank you for the consideration; would be more than happy to judge in any of the competitions.

Thank's a lot for this opportunity, I have judged several competitions in India: and this would be the first one on the internet
I am interested in all the following categories!!







Workshop plz.

xrissy10 days ago

all categories plz ;0)

Guga197910 days ago

Thank you, i'm interested to juge folowing categories :

  • Living

  • Workshop

  • Outdoor

  • Tech

Contest categories I am interested to judge are

  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play
MelissaOCMD11 days ago



Being a judge seems like a fun wayto contribute!

Thank you. I'd be interesting in workshop, outoor, tech, and play

emilydaub12 days ago

Food, outdoor, tech! Thanks (:

Hippiesarah12 days ago

Living, outdoor, Play

dutchhorse13 days ago

Hi, thanks for inviting me. I would like to judge on the workshop category. Thanks again.

Roddy Scott13 days ago

Workshop, Tech.

Workshop, outdoor

Joepatrick13 days ago

  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech

  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
afryklund14 days ago

workshop, tech, play

seesalters14 days ago

workshop, outdoor, & tech

jdavis814 days ago

food, outdoor, & play

stropsnoops14 days ago

Workshop,Tech, and play.

otherbarry15 days ago

Living, play, outdoor, workshop

LDolphin15 days ago

workshop, tech, outdoor, play. Sounds great I'm in!

LDolphin15 days ago

Workshop, tech, outdoor, play. Sounds like fun I'm in!

AkvilėS15 days ago

Food, Tech, Workshop, Living, Outdoor and Play. I'm in :)

Workshop, Tech, Play. Happy to help!

matta2616 days ago

I would be happy to judge some contests. Interested in any of the categories.


alanhatch17 days ago

Workshop or outdoor either one I love and am very happy to be pasrt of this great site

Lilium JSN17 days ago


Happy to help.

workshop,living are my area of expertise

Happy to judge :)

Wreqage19 days ago

Thanks for the invite food, living, workshop, or play are all fine for me. Just let me know.

victoryking19 days ago


DJBeelen19 days ago


I would be happy to judge an outdoor, workshop or living contest

Hi, I would be happy to judge Tech and Workshop

Living, workshop, outdoor and play... ok for me

and thanks

judypalmer19 days ago

Workshop and outdoor would be the categories I would like to judge, thanx, JP

pvbot21 days ago

Any category is fine

Food, Living, and Play are most interesting to me. Thanks so much for inviting me!

CandiWare21 days ago

Outdoor, play, workshop,living thank you for asking it really means a lot!

Dhipak Bala21 days ago

I would love to judge the Workshop and Tech categories!

BatFam9722 days ago

I am happy to judge any category.

IreneJ322 days ago

looking forward to judging:

  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
vamsikurre22 days ago

happy to help in judging tech

mrw12201523 days ago

Can I please help judge. I am willing to judge any of the contest categorys.

I'm in! Workshop, Tech, and Play all sound fun to me!

Happy to help. I can do anything except Tech.


  • Tech
Subhan9524 days ago


DWebber24924 days ago

I would be interested in judging in the following categories:

Living, Workshop and Play

It would be awesome to judge tech!

Robizzle0125 days ago

I'd be happy to judge any category

space_pac25 days ago


I'm happy to Judge any category.

Fezder26 days ago

Workshop & tech

Not_Tasha27 days ago

Still interested in judging! It's been a long time since I've gotten a message about doing one.

kdac28 days ago

Anything but Tech for me, Thanks!

Akinventor29 days ago

I am totally up for judging a contest, but don't want to judge one I plan on entering. Otherwise I am good to judge any done contest. Tech/workshop preferred, but any will do :)

ashervivi8829 days ago

I would really love to judge any instructables contest! I do a lot with food instructables, so food contests would be fun to judge. However, do I enter most of those contests, so it might be unfair for other contestants. Otherwise, I would love to judge for any of the categories.

If possible:


tomtiv1 month ago

I would be happy to help judge the following.

  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play
moo123531 month ago

I can and would look forward to judge: Food, Living, and Workshop

RickN101 month ago

I can judge Living, Workshop, Outdoor or Play. Thanks for the invite!

Alywolf1 month ago

  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Play

I would be honored to judge

I can judge anything but tech. Cathryn

Living, outdoor & play for us! <3

I am interested in the tech category

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