Call for contest judges

Hi everyone! You might have noticed we're running tons of contests these days.

We need judges more than ever to make sure our contests keep running smoothly and fairly!

The judging process is fairly simple and normally involves looking at 15-36 finalists per contests and rating them on a scale from 1-9. Judging is typically open Friday afternoon through Monday night, though some of the larger contests have judging that runs for a week. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!

You can find out more about judging a contest here.

To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let me know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below:
  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play

Audrey and I will be pulling judges randomly from the topic based on need and sending ballots out as contests close. If it's not a good time for you to judge, no worries! I always try to assign more judges than I need in case something comes up.

Also, keep in mind that if you end up as a finalist in a contest you won't be allowed to judge.

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Hiyadudez5 days ago

I'd judge anything in Workshop or Play!

I could help with technology!

fozzy1322 days ago

Hey Jessy! I'd be happy to help judge. Workshop and Tech would probably be the best for me.

Sign me up! I'll judge in any category, especially in Tech, Living, or Play!!!


Sadi78929 days ago

I'd be happy to judge anything in Food, Living, and Play!

hunter9991 month ago

I would be honoured to be a contest judge for play! All of my 'Ibles are from the 'Play' Category, so I think I would be fair. :-)

Also, I am quite active. I hope you consider me!

jessyratfink (author) 1 month ago

Thanks everyone! More ballots will be sent out today in the Outdoor, Tech and Living categories. :)

I'd be honored to judge in the Tech contests!

nof-z1 month ago

anything is ok, but outdoor, tech, play, and workshop are my favorites.

alexsparrow1 month ago

I'll be happy to judge anything, but preferably tech or food.

I'd be glad to help judge anything I am not entered in!

happy to help judge with workshop and tech.

M3G1 month ago

I'd be happy to judge anything.

I would judge any contests I am not entered in

doodlecraft1 month ago

I'll judge anytime you need me to! :)

wotboa1 month ago

I would like a chance to be a judge in the workshop or tech categories.


AptPupil1 month ago

Please, count me in. I'd like the opportunity.

I would love to judge for the workshop category! Alternatively, I can judge wherever it's needed,

mkir74711 month ago

I can judge the workshop catagory!

Michael C1 month ago

if you are still looking for judges, I am interested. Any category, I spend plenty of time reading all the articles, I might as well put that time to good use.

jumper11111 month ago

I can judge most of the technology 'ibles :D

I can judge any category

jessyratfink (author) 1 month ago

Thanks again everyone! We have living, food and workshop contests that need judges today, so some of you will receive ballots. :D

nbagf1 month ago

Can I judge tech or play?

JM19991 month ago

Can I please judge either tech, outdoor or play? would love to help out here at Instructables.

CurtWG1 month ago

I'd like to be considered for outdoor, tech and workshop items.

rowerwet1 month ago

I would love to be a judge in the outdoor group

Mutazek2 months ago

Food would be my favorite category... Oh... I love Food!

I'd love to judge a contest! Food and living are my categories. :)

Been a while since i have judged, availble as required

Gueritala102 months ago

I'd love to help judge as well! I would prefer to judge the "outdoor" or "play" categories. Thanks!

Shantorian3d2 months ago

I would love to judge a tech or a play contest.

I would be interested in being a judge for either the play or workshop categories.

jessyratfink (author) 2 months ago

Thanks again everyone! We've got two food category ballots going out today that some of you will receive. :)

lukenstein1232 months ago

How am I contacted to be a judge? I would be honored to be a judge and I would love it! Please consider me for being a judge

jessyratfink (author)  lukenstein1232 months ago

You'll be PMed when I've got a contest for judging! I put you down for tech. :)

jessyratfink (author) 2 months ago


Thanks to everyone who volunteered! Everyone that's posted so far that meets the requirements has been added! I'll be sending out a ballot today to some of you. :D

Can you please post the "requirements" that we must meet?

Kiteman JM19992 months ago

See the topic: you must have posted at least one instructable.

JM1999 Kiteman2 months ago

Well, I have posted 6 so I fit the requirements.

Thanks for responding so fast.

Ooh! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

Elnems2 months ago

I'd be happy to be a judge some time. in the categories of Tech & Workshop are probably my favourite, and because I was work as a Jury in Committee in 3rd International Engineering University Invention & Innovation Exhibition Malaysia 2012

but any category suits me.

BrianJewett2 months ago

I'd be up for judging in the categories of art, lighting, recycling and repurposing. I suppose those would fall under Living or maybe Workshop?

angry king2 months ago

I would love to judge for the outdoor category!

BayRatt2 months ago

I'd be happy to be a judge some time. Food is probably my favourite, but any category suits me.

Matt2 Silver2 months ago

Hello Jessy, I would be happy to help out with judging in any category you guys need help with.

kyluddy2 months ago

I would love to judge for the living category!

marionpixie2 months ago

What are the age requirements?

jessyratfink (author)  marionpixie2 months ago

No age requirements for judging :)

thank you I would like to judge

monkeypenny2 months ago

I would love to judge for food, living, or play! (But especially food!)

Arzed12 months ago

Hi, I'd like to help out judging all categories except Tech.

Constructed2 months ago

I will help judge any contest

zenilorac2 months ago

sign me up :)

kiwihaunt2 months ago

More than happy to help with any judging

kiki1242 months ago

i would be able to judge all but tech. But be willing to do the others

Lextone2 months ago

I'm available, all categories.

Macabeans2 months ago

I would also love to judge if you still need people!

vika19972 months ago

i woud love to judje if still needed

etundra2 months ago

We'll sign up to judge for the Food category... we think we might know a thing or two in that area ;)!

FrecklesMagee2 months ago

I hope it's not too late, but I would love to judge a contest! I'm really into Living, Food and Play!



seajay672 months ago

Would be interesting to judge a contest, Tech, workshop and outdoor would be the ones I would be most interested in! Well Food would be nice too :)

rushabh bheda2 months ago

i would love to be judge for food or tec which ever is possible

count me in. Food Living Play

thejanitor2 months ago

I think this would be a great opportunity, outdoor, play, workshop

RJM20012 months ago

I'd would like to judge for tech

sporekat2 months ago

I'd love to be a judge for the food, living, play, or tech categories!

I would absolutely love the opportunity to be a judge and get more involved in this awesome community. I can probably judge just about any category, but tech is probably not my strong suit. So anything but

JM19992 months ago

Can I please judge either tech, workshop or outdoor categories?

I would love to have a go.


akossoy2 months ago

I'd like to judge Outdoor or Play contests! Thanks for the opportunity!

creativity1232 months ago

I would love to be a judge for the living catagory!

diamondmine2 months ago

I'd like to judge tech!

S_Alex772 months ago

If you are still looking for judges, I would love to judge all of these categories.

marionpixie2 months ago

I would LOVE to help but first...

what are the age requirements

RoboTable2 months ago

I would like to be a judge for tech contests.

I'd love to judge Food and Living contests! Yay it would be great!!! :D :D :D If you still accept judges please please please add me! :) :) :) Thank you!

faiza0072 months ago

I'd love judge food and living categories. .!! I'd be happy if I could help you.. :)

cpine5222 months ago

I would love to judge in any category but especially Food, Living, Workshop and Outdoor.

I could judge play, food, and outdoor.

joker316982 months ago

If needed i'd be happy to judge any category.

I'd be happy to help judge living, workshop, outdoor, play

I would be happy to judge any catagory.

ryeomans12 months ago

I'm willing to help judge in any catagory!

VintageGams2 months ago

I would be very happy to help judge in any category except for Tech, as I don't feel qualified to judge in that one.

lime3D2 months ago

I'd like to be a judge for Workshop or Living.

I'd love to be a judge for any category.

PACW2 months ago

If you are still accepting judges I would be honored to help. I am most qualified to judge food. And I do live and play so I guess I could do those. Oh, and I do go outside at times. I am frightfully lacking in tech skills so I could tell you if the instructions were simple enough for the very simple but not much beyond that. Thank you!

jessyratfink (author) 2 months ago

Thank you everyone! :D

As of this morning, I've added everyone who commented below and PMed me to the list of judges. Next week is going be really calm in contest land, but expect to start seeing ballots in the next couple weeks.

MidnightMaker2 months ago

I'd love to help! Best categories for me are Workshop and Tech.

JDagger9752 months ago

Hi! I would love to judge some contests. I post mostly in the outdoor category but also love tech. I could judge Tech, Play, and Outside categorys. I hope I can help!

madminor2 months ago

Hi there,

I've posted instructables in the Food and tech/workshop categories.

I'd really like to judge some categories, if they are any spaces left!!

heathbar642 months ago

Ooh, yes that would be cool. I could be qualified to judge in the workshop, outdoors, or play categories.

azharz2 months ago

I want to judge the tech category

ctx19852 months ago

I'd like to judge in the workshop and outdoor categories if you need the help!

sunshiine2 months ago

Please add me to the food and living category.

gadget-man2 months ago

I would be glad to help judge any category.

786Ayesha2 months ago

Count me in too.I would love to judge contest only in food and living categories.

DrWilson2 months ago

I would love to judge any contests that fall into the Technology or Workshop categories! Thanks


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