Call for contest judges

Hi everyone! You might have noticed we're running tons of contests these days.

We need judges more than ever to make sure our contests keep running smoothly and fairly!

The judging process is fairly simple and normally involves looking at contest finalists and rating them on a scale from 1-9. Judging is typically open Friday afternoon through Monday night, though some of the larger contests have judging that runs for a week. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!

If it’s not a good time for you to judge when we contact you, no worries. We always try to assign more judges than we need in case something comes up.

You can find out more about judging a contest here.

Don't worry!  Judges are selected after finalists are selected, so volunteering to judge will not affect your chances of being a finalist in any contest you enter.

To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let us know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below:
  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play

Thanks for helping us keep the site awesome!

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ArcherD12 hours ago

I am interested in judging tech or outdoor



Sure, sign me up for food

jep me too


I'd be happy to help out in any of those categories.


Спасибо за приглашение. Я хотел бы судить - Мастерскую и Технологии.

i would like to judge workshop and tech.

CsiGiRe2 days ago

Thanks, I would like to judge living , workshop and play.

stempelo2 days ago

I would like to judge workshop and tech

Thanks for the invitation..
yes i would like to judge! ;D

  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play
jimmytvf4 days ago

I would like to judge! Thank you for the invitation!

These are my picks on:




Lineakat5 days ago

really anything would be awesome! but mostly:

  • Food
  • Living
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play
Ingenerare5 days ago

I would like to judge workshop, tech and play :)

Would love to judge! Thanks! I'd pick Workshop, Living, Outdoor & Food -- but really all of them are interesting to me.

Tsartsanis6 days ago

count me in for : 3d printing, first time authors & home hacks

RutajitS7 days ago

Sign me up for Food , Play ,workshop and Tech !!!!

I am in !!

dextraise7 days ago

Hi ! I would be more than happy to judge Tech and Workshop ! :)

Sure sign me up for Workshops...

I would be happy to judge tech. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'd go for workshop and tech. Thanks for having me

I'm happy to judge outdoor and play :)

Hello! I would be happy to judge tech and play!

workshop and tech

Happy to judge: workshop, outdoor, tech.

Thanks for the invite.

CeeeJ11 days ago

Id be happy to judge any - Tech would be cool to do though :)

akullerkann11 days ago

workshop ;)

RichGibson11 days ago

Workshop or tech.

Howterson12 days ago

i can do the workshop category.

jbauer412 days ago

I would be happy to judge in the Workshop category.

I would love to be a judge on Food category (since thats what I'm more experienced in) thank you!

BruRomeo14 days ago

Sure, I would love to judge a contest. I'll judge any of the above categories.


pearlshah14 days ago

I'd love to help judge a contest from the categories of Tech and outdoor

I'd love to help judge a contest. Any category at all!

RolandasM15 days ago

I glad to help with same thing

gavinkeeley15 days ago

happy to help with tech judging

Living, Outdoor (Do crafts go under 'Workshop'? Because then I'd sign up for that too!)

Satyavrat15 days ago


Wouldn't mind to help in outdoors, tech, or workshop

stevereiser16 days ago

Workshop, Living, Outdoor, Play

Rapturee16 days ago

food, living, outdoor, workshop, play :{)

huntingnerd17 days ago

food, living, play

ClanMan17 days ago

workshop, outdoor, backyard, tech

parmsco17 days ago

Workshop, Outdoor and Tech are good for me!

I would be glad to help with Food!

I'll be glad to help within Tech

nancyjohns18 days ago

I could do tech, play, and food.

Jozarth18 days ago

I would be happy to judge for Food, Workshop, Tech, and Play.

jainrk19 days ago

Will be glad to help in Tech.

muthucool19 days ago

Thrilled to help with tech

EricMason20 days ago

Happy to help with any of them: Food, Living, Workshop, Outdoor, Tech, Play

MCfreak21 days ago

I'd love to do it! I'm interested in tech and play!

linker21021 days ago

Happy to help.

Thanks for the a mail about judging. I could help out in woodwork, metalwork, outdoors, survival, gardening, etc. My background is 30 years working in foundry industry. Outdoor stuff I've been doing since I was a boy. Let me know how I can help.

darthwolf22 days ago

Workshop, Tech and Living could be something I could most likely judge fair.

stvnishere22 days ago

I'm up for Outdoor, if you need me.

chipper3523 days ago

I can judge in 'Workshop'.

I choose to go with 'TECH'

RolfH123 days ago

hi guys

i am but your humble sevant. you can put me down for . food for now. if i am satisfactory your willing to probe me for more subjects. kepp well. and dont stop

Greywolfg24 days ago

Actually I'd like to do Play :D

Greywolfg24 days ago

Sign me up for Food please :D

Greywolfg24 days ago

I'd love to be a judge!

Sure, sign me up for everything

Sure! I'd love to a judge. Sign me up for Tech.


dfletch25 days ago

Please sign me up for workshop and outdoor!

Robin Lewis25 days ago

Cool! Sign me up for Workshop and Outdoor

BlueFire31225 days ago

I would like to be a judge in the food, living and play categories please.

MarcianaO25 days ago

I'd like to be judge in: Food, Workshop, Play projects. I'm happy to help the community :)

Count me in for all categories.

bobdole122125 days ago

Workshop, tech

sineSurfer25 days ago

I'm in for thes categories:

  • Workshop
  • Tech
  • Play

But there's a good recurrent question, can we judge and also participate on the contests?

JanD3326 days ago

Want to judge if I will still able to take a part in the competitions

In categories



I'd be happy to judge any contests you need help with!

More than happy to help to judge Tech or Workshop projects, happy to help the community any way I can.

I would be willing to support whichever contest categories you need support in. My preferences would be in the Workshop, Outdoor, Tech areas though. V/R, Allen

bhaskar4n26 days ago


alisonb27 days ago

Hi, Thank you for the invite, I think I could judge food, living, outdoor and tech. I would be willing to do any but I think those listed are the ones I could contribute best towards. Thanks again.

I would like to judge in technology and workshop.

I can judge food, outdoor, and tech

Egghunter28 days ago

Hi, thanks for the invitation! I would be able to judge on food, living, workshop, tech and play.

alexcheve28 days ago

  • Food
  • Living
  • Workshop
  • Outdoor
  • Tech
  • Play
  • :D

Thanks for the invitation

Coolloom29 days ago

food tech living and play I could do anytime

MiKeYjAmEs29 days ago

I'd be up for judging on tech and play contests. :)

Kirminator29 days ago

Thanks alot for inviting me :)
I'm just happy to be a judge so any contest will work

mtieleman29 days ago

Thanks for the invite, it's an honour. I'm up for workshop, woodworking or outdoor.

Siddak29 days ago

Any Category Works

Raleighup1 month ago

I'm down to judge everything except food

dancingstar1 month ago

Willing to judge food, living, or play.

thanks for the contest judge invite, Food or Play categories sound good to me :)

krieglers1 month ago

workshop, Tech, Outdoor. but any category is fine too

Ynze-1 month ago

I'd like to judge in tech

cwchoi1 month ago

I would be happy to judge some "play"!

Thanks for the opportunity!

I can judge in the food category.

Laurex20021 month ago

i can help in outdoor

AndreasO11 month ago

I can help in Tech.

lioncour1 month ago

Hello and awesome.

I would be happy to judge in any categories.

Have a nice day.

Logan3021 month ago

thanks very much for the invite. i'd love to judge in the outdoor contest please

I'd be honoured to judge in Tech category!


I'd be happy to judge the workshop category.

dmfx221 month ago

Thanks for the invite! Tech category for me :-)

Thank you for inviting me.
Food/cake decoration

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