Call for new Backyard FX host (Indy Mogul)

Our friends over at Indy Mogul are looking for a new host/producer to replace Erik in the Backyard FX show! 

I'm betting someone from Instructables would be a perfect fit.  They want you to make an audition episode by February 28 - anyone up for it?  Check out their previous work for ideas.  Video posting on Instructables here, and more on the Indy Mogul website.

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 Where's Erik going?
That was exactly what i was thinking!
Shame about the US restriction, this would actually be right up my alley...

Suppose I'm busy enough as it is...
Kiteman7 years ago
Ha, I bet they wouldn't entertain an entry from across the pond.

And I bet Kitewife wouldn't let me commute month-on-month...
Doctor What7 years ago
 I would if I had any experience in film.  I have the personality, but I failed my Film and Literature class...
canida (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
Pair up with a film-savvy buddy.