Black Ops II - K'NEX Weapon Versions "Wanted"

Hey Guys. Well, Black Ops 2 is a pretty sweet game, and I am sure you already know this. The thing you may not know is that many people, including me, would like to see K'NEX versions of those guns included in the game (and trust me, I plan on building some of these...). So without further adieu, I present to you pics of the Assult Rifles, LMGs (Light Machine Guns), Shotguns, Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns) of Black Ops 2 (see names below).

Assault Rifles (pics 2 - 8):
2) TYPE 25
3) AN-94
5) M8A1
6) M27
8) SMR

Light Machine Guns (pics 9 - 12):
10) HAMR
11) LSAT
12) MK-48

Pistols (pics 13 - 16):
13) Five-Seven
14) B23R
15) Exicutioner
16) TAC-45

Shotguns (pics 17 - 20):
17) S12
18) KSG
19) M1216
20) R870

Sniper Rifles (pics 21 - 23):
21) SVU-AS
22) Balista
23) DSR-50

Sub-Machine Guns (pics 24 - 29):
24) PDW-57
25) Chicom CQB
26) MP7
27) MSMC
28) Vector K10

Some of these guns seem pretty impractical, but they will be cool none-the-less. Lets get building. =D

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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Hiyadudez3 years ago
M1216 would be pretty cool.

Then hot glue real diamonds to it .-.
XD, YES! I did not know you were still around...?
I hop on every now and then, and post the odd thing :-)
Ah, I see. You don't K'NEX anymore, right?
Nope, I sold it all a while back. The only Knex I have left is the NAR :-P
Really? The NAR, huh? Funny...I really do wonder why people like that gun so much...
i don't get it either, in my opinion it sucks
I have never built it, so I really cant say much, but I don't get why people love it so much...?
i built it three times max i got was 45, max other people got 300+
No kidding?!?! I always wondered about that...
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