Call of Duty - Knex Warfare

Hello fellow members and mates, I had an idea for a knex call of duty. It will feature many guns of real and not real types. Lets go to the guns shall we?

The Weapons  

SP-51 Desert Eagle Mk2 - link
SP-60 Pistol - link 
DunKILLMeZak - link
IM-69 Slider - link
MAGNUM - link
SA-Revolver - link
Halo 1 Magnum - link
SAP - link
WASP - link
IFPP-5 - link
RMP-8 - link 
Halo Reach Magnum  - link
OodaVolver - link
Deviance - link

J5-Barricade - link
M.O.S. - link
AA-12 - link
Breaker - link
9LRMS GDS - link
BCS4FE - link
BSAS - link

SMGs/Machine Pistols
P90 - link
Kiparis - link
G18 - link
MP5K - link
MP-605 Litemod - link
TD-10 - link
UMP-45 - link
UMP-45R - link
MP-40 - link

Assault Rifles
TR-18 - link
Knexsayer - link
ZKAR V2 - link
AR-12 Prototype II - link
G36C - link
Ghost 3.0 - link
FAMAS - link
Handle Pump TR8 - link
Halo 2 BR - link
ACR - link
AR-18 Prototype III - link
AR-20 Prototype IV - link
KLS V2 - link
RAWR - link
FA V2 - link
SOBR-922 - link
SSV F2000 - link
AN-94 - link
M4A1 SOPMOD - link
SOAR-16B - link
Callous - link
SCAR-L - link
K-2 FABR - link
Gen 2 HAWC Bow - link
REMPAR-2 - link
TZKAR-18 - link

Sniper Rifles/Crossbows
R700 - link
Creeping Death Mk6 - link
SR-V2 - link
Sipriani V3 - link 
VSS Vintorez - link
Springfield - link
HAWC V10 - link
Kentucky Rifle - link
Punisher - link
Raptor - link
Creeping Death Mk7 - link
Creeping Death Mk8 - link
Creeping Death MiniBow - link
Creeping Death Mk9 FE - link
KGBSR - link
Lightning Flash Sniper - link
TH2BR - link
Compound Bow - link
SSCR IV - link

Brickster - link
Heavy Cannon V1 - link
Heavy Cannon V5 - link
A.D.U. Bazooka 1040 - link

M60 Machine gun - link
M1919 - link
KGBMG - link
MTG1 - link

Hidden Guns
Z3 - link

These are the weapons I think are perfect for knex call of duty. You can leave suggestions in the comments below. I might add your suggestion onto the List!!! Carry on =D 

*What maps would I use for the gameplay; anyone got any ideas?

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beanieostrich (author) 5 years ago
I'm not sure I understand the point of this forum topic...?
Okay. Sorry for taking a while. I had a real interest in making a "Call of Duty" with knex guns in it, and those are what would have been in the game. This thread died off after a while, so I stopped updating it.
Ah, I see.
CODawesome4 years ago
can u put my skorpion evo and semi auto vector in this list with a link plz?
Knex.X4 years ago
koenykoen6 years ago
it would be nice if my slingshot sniper called: WSR11 could be the sniper section, take a look and tell me if you agree. :)

hey, is this good enough for in the sidearm section?
shoots about 40-50 feet and has a very comfy handle
beanieostrich (author)  dr. richtofen6 years ago
It looks interesting. =) What is it called?
it's not yet posted, maybe today after school
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