Call of Duty or Halo 3??

I got both games and i like both of them..but my friend likes halo 3 better. Which is better??

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robots1998 years ago
Call of Duty 4 (World at War is really bad)
It isnt the same engine as cod4
Yes, It It Is The Infinity Ward 2007 Graphic Detail Engine (GPE) It was slightly overhauled for COD: WAW But Not By Much!
Thornburg9 years ago
Look, Call of Duty isn't that great. For all those saying Halo is overated, Call of Duty is just the same. This is Call of Duty's first time ever having a decent online play. Making them total noobs. Halo on the other hand have triumphed. Halo was online when Call of Duty was just another WWII game. Nothing special about COD4. Whoever challenges me I'll beat you in both.
I wanna play you in halo 1. I can only play on the PC, since I don't have an xbox. You can get a free demo version.
...making them total noobs...
For noobs, they did it bretty well.

...nothing special about cod4...
Other than unlockable weapons, unlockable weapon upgrades, perks, and a better story line.
I dont want a story i want action
droyce45968 years ago
Halo's campaign is short but good, online is the greatest, I can play all day. HALO 3 IS THE BETTER GAME:):)
BkrevWlevqe9 years ago
CALL OF DUTY 4 ANY DAY! Halo 3's way too behind when it comes to realism.
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