Call of duty 4: K'nex warfare - reflex edition

I had an idea. If I invite a few friends round and persuade one of them to bring their HQ camera, I can do some decent filming. I am basically making a 5 minute long video based on CoD 4: MW. I am thinking of using 12 characters on 3 teams (4 per team, if you can't count very well). On these teams, I am thinking:
Team 1
The Jamalam (Leader and mid range assault)
Dj Radio (Scouter, close assault)
Viccieb.1993 (Sniper)
Killer~SafeCracker (Oodammo specialist)

Team 2

Trauts (Leader, assault)
I am Canadian (Heavy  Canadian weapons guy)
Lowney (Sniper)
TheDunkis (Oodammo specialist)

Team 3
999999999999999999999999999989 (Tube and stick specialist)

This will take place in a large park, obviously using k'nex guns. This will be filmed partly through method acting (ie, an actual knex war will take place for part of the day). But the rest will have a script.

Any ideas will be appreciated :)

(btw, TEAM3 WINZ!!111!11)

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Oh, im sorry for bumping the old topic for those who might complain about it.
Actually, despite being over a year old, I'm disappointed I never did end up seeing this movie. >_>
The Jamalam (author)  TheDunkis5 years ago
Yeah, I quit it because I didn't have enough k'nex, free time or friends willing to run around firing plastic at each other for 5 days :(
we could have brought our own knex guns...
fail >_>
Wow, it turns out you do have a topic like mine. Never seen it but thanks for bringing it up lol.
dsman1952766 years ago
Man I never get included!!!!!!!!1111!!!111111!!!!1 (Runs away and pouts...)


I think that would be pretty funny if you actually made that. Heck i'd watch it.

You havent done anything in a while, people forget about you now.
Ya, I know. I have other things to do besides knex now.
Like?  Name anything you have to do, I can help unclog your schedule.
Lol, theres nothing you can do to unclog my schedule:

Pep band pratices/games
Jazz band pratices/concerts
Concert band concert next week
spend time with my Girlfriend
if you saw my schedule, you would see why i have no time.
Please please please don't ever mention having a girlfriend on the internet! It's just...laying down a pool of fuel all around at your feet waiting for other people to ignite it. I don't care if you do I don't care if you don't have one but a lot of people won't believe you and a lot of people will think you're trying to rub it in their face or something. Aren't you a little young to be dating anyways?
How so? It's not like I'm going around and shouting it in peoples faces.
lol thats sweet. Ironically I actually went to see that with her, good movie :-)
Do I have to stab you? =P
"The most brutal way I ever seen someone handle this. 'Oh, you have a girlfriend. Are you going to get married?' 'I, uh, don't know--' 'Well do you love her?' '...' 'Anyways, what were you saying about the movie?'"
So? You two getting married? >=)
I, uh, don't know... anyways it was a good movie. :-P
Why? Don't you love her? Yeah, I heard it was a good movie. I didn't see it yet though.
Well see it, and go for the 3D version.

It's 2:40 long but it's worth it.
Nah, I'll just wait it to come on DVD, and have my dad get it for me. (I can live without seeing a movie in 3D) Plus, I'm also (trying to) save my earth monies.
Well the stereotype is that people who are on the internet or have other "geekish" hobbies don't have a girlfriend. When you say you do have one it's as if you're trying to show off or something. Sometimes people lie and they do it just to make them look cool. Point is you won't get any good out of it. No one's going to say "oh yeah hey nice job" so just leave it out next time. And I repeat, aren't you a little young to be dating?
From what I can remember, we are the same age so I think I'm fine in that department.(Please note, I don't want my age getting out in the open)
I thought you were like 2-3 years younger than me from what I last remember.
Ckecking your page, we are the same age.
It's not like people can identify you just by knowing your age. 
Screw stereotypes.  He's just saying that that's one of the things that clogs up his schedule, I personally don't care if he has one or not.  He wasn't rubbing it in my face or anything. 
travw TheDunkis6 years ago
And I repeat, aren't you a little young to be dating?
I thought he was an adult?
How old are you, dsman?
Can you just quit the band?
Why? I love band, it just takes up my time.
I'm trying to quit piano lessons because Im tired of going over.
Lol, I did ALL of that last year, plus a few other thing
Who knows. Sometimes people use it just as an excuse making it look like something. I manage to spread my time out nicely so I get at least a half hour or so to work on K'nex projects and still get everything else done. But then I really should get a job soon.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Oh and you haven't specified but will you be building all of our own weapons for "us" to use? Lol the cannon should be good. Anyways for me then I'd like to post my Oodast V3.5 and have that used if that's alright.. Lol I can see an epic 30 second clip dedicated to a shootout between me and KSC.
The Jamalam (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Hehe, your shootout will be very cool :) I'll be filming that first and doing the special effects, so I can send it to you on MSN :P
I wanna play myself in your war.
travw DJ Radio6 years ago
Sooo... You're going to fly thousands of miles to "act" in a knex movie as yourself?

Nothing illogical about that...
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
Fine, but if the other guy messes up, I will snipe him.
travw DJ Radio6 years ago
...From thousands of miles away?... Good luck with that.
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
And I want to go out to get a bagel, but it's too snowy to move anywhere here.
My friend has been researching your comments and analysing your personality to see how he would do these things.
Ok fine.  Just as long as he understands me.
Alright lol. Will I also be using the BAW seeing how I really have no other better primary or do I get to be the B.A. guy who owns with just a pistol =P ?
If that was the case, then he should change my role, because only 3 of my weapons are designed for close assault, and 2 are outdated.
Well we would be best suited with our current best weapons. I'd probably have to be equipped with my BAW and OodAst as a side arm. I already know what you'd want to use.
AR-4 v3 and Jackal 4.  I'd use the AR-4 v3 for longer ranged combat, and if I was close to someone, I'd use my Jackal v4.
See I knew that and that's exactly why I said that in hopes that you wouldn't need to post saying that...
Oh well.  
LOL, that would be fun. I can just see it now.
stale566 years ago

Since I'm assuming that this is gonna be based on multiplay of CoD: MW, you should have everybody have a headset on (if available), and then you should have one guy play the role as "Screaming child who everybody wants to leave the game".

Get your/your friends younger brother and have him yelling to people in the backroud.

But if your going for a more serious approach, then this isn't the best Idea...

*In high pitched, little girl like voice* "Hey guys? Guys. Guys. Guys. Hey guys? Can you hear me? Hey guys? Can you hear me guys? Guys. Guys. Guys," ect.
FrozenStar6 years ago
The Jamalam (author) 6 years ago
Note; I've finished the script and plot. Dunkis will have a shootout with KSC, and I will with IAC. It will be very cool, and I will be shooting this in early british spring/summer with a few friends at my house. It will take a number of days, because I will have to assemble and demolish many different guns. I will hope to be finished as soon as possible.
The Jamalam (author) 6 years ago
The Jamalam (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
*other bump*
Super bump :)x
The Jamalam (author)  jam666 years ago
Thanks XD
I can't actually see this working...can you give me hope? :-)
wehe-tehe6 years ago
sounds like a perfect idea but I think we could set up a tortament or something.
This is funny, my friend had almost the exact same idea. lol
So you mean get all of us together at the same time and make a video?? I don't think that would work, seeing that we live all over the world.
The Jamalam (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
No, you will be played by a fitting one of my friends :D
Hmm ok, sounds good.
Haha, looks fun. Good luck, sounds like a lot of work...
This does not make sense. You might want to rewrite an into explaining it all.
ok wow after reading it again i totally get it NEVERMIND MY LAST POST
You could have just deleted your comment.
yeah whatever
J Moneyman6 years ago
would it be on youtube? it sounds interesting.
add a 4th team (me with a logic bow)
I am Canadian (Heavy  Canadian weapons guy)
Sounds cool. I know I'm not a Knexer, but can I be "I ARE NOT GRAMER USE CORECT BUT NO1 CAREZ"?
Don't you find it ironic that it was the only name that actually used spaces even though it's supposed to have horrible grammar? =P
Lol. I didn't notice that. Good point.
~KGB~6 years ago
so akward
TheDunkis6 years ago
Lol man I had a similar idea. It was originally for airsoft though where I would make a real FPS and add in effects like the red screen when hurt and the entire HUD from CoD4. Do you have Reflex? I'm getting it as soon as I get my Wii back.
Another idea I had was "The Deadliest K'nexer" based off of The Deadliest Warrior where we'd take two K'nexers and put them up against each other in a duel using only their weapons and seeing who would win. The best part is would be having the actors play out a fake battle using all of the weapons.

And w00t oodammo FTW.
Lowney6 years ago
Wait, is this super-imposed or do we actually need to turn up, cause that would be kinda arkward lol
The Jamalam (author)  Lowney6 years ago
Nah, you will be acted out by one of my friends. I will play myself of course, and I'll edit it afterwards.
Here is a better idea.

Let all the players download a game like Halo trial (it's free).  Then we play CTF game on 2 teams, and you can record everything from your end.  That's a better representation of how we all play FPS games than your friends.
So how will you edit it? You mean stick my face on him? Only you, k'nex obsessed and Gtrain know what I look like, and I don't really want to increase that list...
The Jamalam (author)  Lowney6 years ago
NO i mean I'll edit it by putting the clips together. And adding images. And putting "YOU KILLED LOWNEY" over the kill shots.
Ah OK, but it obviously won't say "You killed Lowney" will it? "Killed by Lowney" is more like it!
DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeahhhh.... I am best suited as a sniper in FPS games, but I can do it all.  And why get your friends to play us?  I would like it if we all played ourselves in a game like Halo Trial.