Call of duty 4: K'nex warfare - reflex edition

I had an idea. If I invite a few friends round and persuade one of them to bring their HQ camera, I can do some decent filming. I am basically making a 5 minute long video based on CoD 4: MW. I am thinking of using 12 characters on 3 teams (4 per team, if you can't count very well). On these teams, I am thinking:
Team 1
The Jamalam (Leader and mid range assault)
Dj Radio (Scouter, close assault)
Viccieb.1993 (Sniper)
Killer~SafeCracker (Oodammo specialist)

Team 2

Trauts (Leader, assault)
I am Canadian (Heavy  Canadian weapons guy)
Lowney (Sniper)
TheDunkis (Oodammo specialist)

Team 3
999999999999999999999999999989 (Tube and stick specialist)

This will take place in a large park, obviously using k'nex guns. This will be filmed partly through method acting (ie, an actual knex war will take place for part of the day). But the rest will have a script.

Any ideas will be appreciated :)

(btw, TEAM3 WINZ!!111!11)

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Oh, im sorry for bumping the old topic for those who might complain about it.
Actually, despite being over a year old, I'm disappointed I never did end up seeing this movie. >_>
The Jamalam (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Yeah, I quit it because I didn't have enough k'nex, free time or friends willing to run around firing plastic at each other for 5 days :(
we could have brought our own knex guns...
fail >_>
Wow, it turns out you do have a topic like mine. Never seen it but thanks for bringing it up lol.
dsman1952768 years ago
Man I never get included!!!!!!!!1111!!!111111!!!!1 (Runs away and pouts...)


I think that would be pretty funny if you actually made that. Heck i'd watch it.

You havent done anything in a while, people forget about you now.
Ya, I know. I have other things to do besides knex now.
Like?  Name anything you have to do, I can help unclog your schedule.
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