Call of duty friend codes.

Here are my friend codes for both modern warfare 1 and black ops on the wii.

modern warfare 1: 512752389309
black ops: 148672766085

also, talk about whatever you like about the games on this page!

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MegaMetal86 years ago
Random CoD Talk: Do you still play it (not going to criticize you in anyway just wonderin)

If so do you quickscope, i do. ON MW2 :)

Im also a trickshotter (if you know what trickshotting is) btw it's only really possible on xbox,ps3 and maybe pc(not wii) Im on PS3 :)

PSN Down :(((((

Coming back sooooooooon YaY
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
ehm, no... i can quickscope really good on wii and some excellent no scopes....
Kona-chan ~KGB~3 years ago

try a triple kill with a silenced semi auto hand gun( a friend of mine did that once)

~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
whats your psn id mine is hightekrednek199 & hightekrednek201
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