Calling All Ball Machiners And Knex People! Challenge

I play ping pong ALOT, but since my brothers moved out to college I can't play anymore. I've looked all over the Internet but I can't find any knex ping pong ball thrower/shooter/whatever. So the challenge is (since I can't make one) to create an automated (gravity or motor powered) ping pong ball thrower preferably out of knex. It would be greatly appreciated. Here's some inspiration if you want itHomemade ping pong ball thrower

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will be hard but try i must!
grevious9 years ago
what about where two motors spin two wheels next to each other and the ball can get placed between them and then flung forward, you could add a track that slides from one half of the table to the side with the two spinning wheels which then resets it :)
Der Bradly9 years ago
Try using a knex trampoline made of rubberbands You need something to fire it at the trampoline and if it is at the right angle it should fly towards you
but if you have to make the ball fire at the trampoline why don't you have it just fire the ball at you?
Well... (Now that i re-think it) I think that it just firing at you would be better... The Ping pong ball does not weigh enough to even push the rubberbands down
actually, rubberbands are a interesting thing. your are right in saying that the ping-pong ball would not push it back that far, but it also does not need all the force to launch it. a heaver ball would push the rubberbands back farther, but it would also have for weight to launch, making it go around as far as the ping-pong ball.
But, the tighter the rubberbands the harder it is to push...
and the more potential energy is stored in them.
ajleece9 years ago
why dont you just play against the wall
sc lightning (author)  ajleece9 years ago
Yea I do, the other half of my table comes up, but when i hit it low it goes beneath the table
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