Calling All Programmers (Yes, ALL)

Every now and then in typing class, our teacher will give us a handful of letters, and we're given about 5 minutes to come up with as many words as we can from these letters. So today I thought... what if there was a program where you could input a string of letters, and it would spit out as many words as possible that can be made out of those letters. A quick Google search was less than fruitful. So, to the more techier of my fellow Iblians, how would you go about writing a program that could do this? I'm thinking something where you input a string of letters, and then it scans, say, an online dictionary, to find as many words as possible from the inputted letters. Sound doable?

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Chicken22098 years ago
it must exist! it was in national treasure!
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um... sure?
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... i thought Nicholas Cage movies were jessyratfink's thing..
What, we can't share a thing?!
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Padlock8 years ago
A program that would do that would have immense outputs. To be precise, the number of letters factorial. For example, 10 letters would have 3,628,800 different combinations. As for adding a filter to only output actual words, then you would have to use some sort of dictionary function... Which I don't recall being in any programming language I have learned. Making a commandline program wouldn't be hard, as long as you found a dictionary checking program to call. Or, possible some PHP to interface and use the resulting page to determine whether or not it is a word. It all depends on the lengths of the word though... loading a webpage 3,628,800 times would take a long time, not to mention processing the results.
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