Calling all small engines mechanics!

I have a problematic Ariens YT12 tractor that I have been meddling around with all summer trying to make run perfectly. If I make a video and post it on youtube, to show what it's been doing lately, can someone help me out??!?? I got kinda drunk one weekend and I think I revved the sh*t out of it, the weird things is, I can cut grass with it at full throttle for 2 hours but as soon as I go to rev the engine higher with my modified gas pedal or when I'm adjusting the carb, it just revs up then it starts to sputter and it wants to stall. It's really weird, and although I think I could use a new crankcase gasket, I know the engine is not blown, I'm wondering if maybe I've melted something in the carb, considering how close the carb is to the exhaust pipe on this machine, and the fact that it's a hot running machine (I remember shutting it off one night when it was dark after cutting grass for two hours, the bolts the hold the exhaust on the engine were glowing bright orange.) Anyways I won't bother explaining too much of it, but I'm wondering what I did to my baby and I know a video would probably clarify things a lot better. Something needs to be replaced on it, I know for a fact, it's just a matter of what. I figure even a new carb kit to replace the gaskets and the needle and pin would probably help oodles.

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Punkguyta (author) 8 years ago
 Btw..sorry about the rediculously long post but I just drank a deathly amount of coffee (was the gf's idea, then she turns around and goes to bed on me). But for one, I just want to make sure I'm accurate about what I'm saying is wrong with my engine, because your son can't really be much help if I don't explain things properly.

Perhaps you should wait a few days to let your son rest.. sounds like he's kinda rough on the painkillers, I know how it is, I remember being asked all sorts of questions by a cop at school one morning, and all I can remember is being really sick and retardedly lightheaded, and thinking to myself that he's gonna think I'm high or something. Let the boy get some rest.
Punkguyta (author)  Punkguyta8 years ago
 Ok does someone want to tell me who the hell removed my post above? I'm very offended, that took a LONG time to type!
Not me, you didn't have any language in there did you? (not that I remember)

Not me either.  I had a few of mine (very innocent ones at that!) removed by someone recently.  I wonder if it's a bug..??
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Probably just gone.  I don't think anyone would really delete some of the lame comments I make.
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skunkbait8 years ago
My boy had a look (couldn't get the video to work), and said it's probably either a lean mixture (see if there's a secondary jet that might be clogged), or a short that occurs at a certain RPM level. 

He's still a bit doped up, and has a few broken fingers, so he can barely operate the mouse, much less type anything.  I'll have him check again tomorrow, and see if he can view the video.  People bring him engines to fix, so he does know his stuff.  But he does have to do a lot of trial and error, unless the problem is super-obvious.
skunkbait8 years ago
The heat makes it sound like you might have a lean mixture.  It may be the carb itself, or a leak between carb and head.  Slight possibility you're running too hot of a plug.  Also, make sure oil's not low or warn out.  It may have a faulty governor, but I don't think that would explain the heat. 

The ringing is PROBABLY (but not definitely) something else.  Check and make sure it's not a  vibrating washer, spring, linkage, motor-mount or something.

Post the video, and I'll have my kid watch it.  He's the "expert" on go-cart, mower, and tiller engines.  I'm more of a motorcycle guy.
Punkguyta (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Ok here we go, sorry about taking so long to reply. The weather wasn't nice enough lately to do much with it so I didn't get outside to make a video. Well today I was bored and ended up rebuilding the carb because I was having a hard time getting it to start, and I had some white milky shit in the throttle body from using carb cleaner the other day and it apparently has changed into something else in there as you'll see.<br /> <br /> Frustrated and tired of boosting it off my car, I took the carb right off the machine, and I'll admit, I haven't done it since I bought the machine, the mechanic that had just got it himself DID tell me he hadn't had a chance to look at the carb or anything but I just HAD to have it so I said oh well.<br /> <br /> I have no idea what the hell happened in the bowl but I've never seen so much rust and varnish inside a carb (I'm currently considering the cost of a replacement carberator for it). I did my best to clean it up with my dremel and rinse it out but its still not as clean as I'd like.<br /> <br /> Another thing, apparently there was never a gasket put in between the engine and the carb, but there is residue from what looks to have been some kind of liquid gasket crap you buy. I ended up cutting a gasket out of a toilet paper tube, and surprisingly it works quite well.<br /> <br /> Now after cleaning it up and putting it all back together, it all seemed to run well, no, excellent even, until later on I took it for a cruise up town to really get the engine working, where I revved the engine up a few times, like in the video, and AGAIN, same problem, the engine started to die and I had to save it by flapping the choke lever between open and shut and adjusting the screw on the bottom of the bowl (it's not like my other tractor I had where there was one screw that holds the bowl onto the carb, there is a screw that seems to regulate the gas flow somehow, and when you completely pull it out, it shuts off, then theres a second bolt that screws out to remove the bowl.) I'd like to know what the purpose of this screw is as I've never seen it on any small engine carbs, normally the screw is there just to hold the bowl on the carb and you screw it in all the way, this is not the case with my tractor.<br /> <br /> Anyways, so I adjust it one direction or another until the engine smooths out and then its fine, sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for one minute and then I have to get off and adjust it again, it's really starting to get annoying and I NEED to get this fixed. I apologize because in the video, it does not show the engine start to stall out, as I recorded the video before that ever happened, and at that point I was super happy that I thought I had fixed my tractor and so that is the reason I was recording me driving it, not what the engine was doing. You can hear in the background almost like a rattling or an extra noise, I didn't think you'd be able to hear it on the camera but you can, and there is something else going on in the engine I think. Can you, or your son PLEASE give me some kind of advice? I'd really appreciate it!<br />
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