I realise this putting together a Scorpion model project is old, and still not finished but....?

The project is something I will be doing with a young AS person this weekend.  It is not a super simple model, but it does only have about 12 parts to it.  I also, later on, want to modify it a little, so I was going to document that portion for sure.

But would it be interesting enough to include pictures of me and the others putting it together?   I would LOVE to be able to take some video too, but alas, I don't think my current equipment will handle the audio portion, which is going to be the best part. 

I know, I know, you will come back with Kiteman's law......but really, this isn't a "build"  as in make from scratch, it is a simple "make from a $9 model" project (originally priced at $24.99 at Discovery Store).   Let me know, AND ALSO if you have any ideas on how to make it more awesome (I will be fitting it with UV LEDs later on, since the skin it transparent....and if I can find a small motor, maybe even actuating the one movable claw :-) ). 

REVISED:  Sadly, I have been informed that the youngin's are down and out with a cold that may last into the weekend.   SO, that delays my project for one more week.   But THIS ONE, I am definitely finishing.  :-)  

I still haven't FULLY finished the project, but I have added some pictures. 

Picture of I realise this putting together a Scorpion model project is old, and still not finished but....?
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Goodhart (author) 5 years ago
I have added photos to the project of the thing glowing under UV LED and glowing with the lights out.....sorry for the poor quality of the latter as my camera doesn't do well in low light and a flash would ruin the effect.
canucksgirl6 years ago
Should you show "the making of" photos? Yes. why not? Even though its a pre-packaged model, it does lay down a foundation when you show the modifications you intend to do later. You don't necessarily have to show every step, but it might make the whole project that much more interesting.

My limited experience here has taught me to take 10 times more photos than you think you need, then still take 5 more. (lol). The point is you can't go back to fix a bad photo or include one you didn't take after the fact.

Since the youngin's are sick, you could try and experiment with your current computer, a webcam and a microphone for video purposes. (?) I'm not sure what you have available to you, but it sounds like you have more time than you had planned.
Goodhart (author)  canucksgirl6 years ago
My webcam is worth about as much as drawings on a "flip pad

About the photos,  I have to wait until I get permission from the actual parents whether more then just her hands will be shown or not (she's only 7, and I don't want to ruffle feathers, you know?). 

LOL... video is hilarious btw.... but I get your point. Don't worry about me suggestion you go out and buy something... I don't believe that's always the answer. Maybe you could just record the sound and play that on a static image for a video. (You did say the audio was more important anyway...)

As far as photos, I would in fact wait for permission too, but remember the distraction other things and people can cause to your subject matter, so perhaps using only "hands" is a better option anyways.

(On a side note... the 'reply' button is acting up again... needing to reload pages is getting annoying). *rolls eyes*
metalarts6 years ago
Thank you Kelseymh,I will go about the arduous task of preparing an Instructable on the patination and coloring of non ferrous metal,with confidence elevated more than somewhat..
Goodhart (author)  metalarts6 years ago
I look forward to seeing that too :-)
Goodheart,I have not seen any instructables presented in video format yet.I would like to demo the patina this way as some of the coloring will happen in real time.Are we not allowed to do videos here or only by special arrangement? Respectfully..Metalarts
Goodhart (author)  metalarts6 years ago
my ible on ASL (American Sign Language) has video in it. Since they do not "host" videos here, the only way to include them is to have another site host them....like having a membership (which is free) to YouTube. You can upload the video there, then add it here with the "Embed Video" function (they can be added to Ibles as well in the same fashion). 

Thank you Goodheart.I will use You Tube when I get the rest of this assembled.The instructional vid you sent was great.I would possibly alter the final scene slightly.Just before going out the door,he would smile and say, "and I've got the bags"....Thank you again,Metalarts.
Goodhart (author)  metalarts6 years ago
You're welcome....I just grabbed the first video I saw, watched it and thought it looked good :-)
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