Witch is the best camera that cost less than 500Eu (689.65 US Dollar)

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bertwert2 years ago

Pentax K-50 :-)

Or the new Pentax will probably be 700 $ with the new kit-lens.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

I may want the gopro.

Lightweight, Compact, tough, waterproof case...

Frequently cameras, and other electronics get in the way of adventure (including shop adventures) due to bulk, fragility, water aversion

Downsides to gopro: no viewfinder???

hunter9993 years ago

That is dependant on what you think the best camera to be. Do you mean focus? One that has wifi?

tommy72433 years ago

I have the Nikon D3200, although its not the latest in the D3000 series its great for all kind of images (dependant on lens type). But it also has a 'guide' function which automatically configures the camera and lens for that specific type of image. It also has very high technological capabilities such as the 24mp sensor. It costs around £300 camera body and the default 18-55mm lens.

Kiteman3 years ago

The one that costs €499.99

As a rule of thumb, camera quality is directly linked to price, but it also depends o what you want of the camera - image size, video, sound, close up, zoom...

The one that costs 0 Eu( 0 US Dollar). Then again, like free advice, it is rarely good. A fool and their money are soon parted. Do your research and caveat emptor.