Camera bag insert covering

As I didn't want to spend extra money on a new camera bag I'm using an existing bag with a divider I've made from cardboard and an old camping roll mat. My question is I want to wrap it in something so it looks a bit cleaner and add an extra layer of waterproofing. I was thinking about using the material from an old tent but was concerned about condensation build up. I live in the UK so not much chance of weather! Please share any ideas. Oh and yes I will be replacing that tape for something a little more grey.

Picture of Camera bag insert covering
Goodhart5 years ago
If the outer material is cloth of some sort (even if nylon, etc) you could possibly use some Scotch Guard to make the outside a bit more weather resistant.
+1 on Scotchguard.
Kiteman5 years ago
Speaking as a Brit with a camera, I would line what you show in the image with something softer, as Caitlinsdad says, and focus of making the lid waterproof - maybe line it with a glued-in sheet of sturdy polythene, then cover the inside of that with the same soft fabric, just for the look of the thing.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Most camera bags have a velour lining, probably mostly for non scratch, but the open weave or wicking properties of the synthetic fibers would ensure that any condensation buildup is minimized in direct contact with the camera. Ripstop nylon would work in a pinch but if it is coated nylon, it might trap the moisture where it does contact the items in the bag.