Camper Trailer DIY

My husband has this obsession with building his own camper trailer. Does anyone know the proper way to go about this, or have any suggestions?

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I don't know if this helps, or if you're still interested... but here is a page...
good luck :)
DIMyself754 years ago
If he hasn't decided on what type of camper to build, have him check out WWW.Glen-L.com for some ideas and access to plans. If it's a teardrop that he wants then have him check out WWW.Kuffelcreek.com. Hope this helps
sschoemann5 years ago
The first thing he needs to do is identify what type of camper he wishes to build and then go from there. There are trailer top tent campers, travel trailers of all sizes, popups, tear drops, micros, camper vans, pickup campers, motorhome, and with the new fuel efficient delivery vans from ford and others, micro motorhomes are now a possibility. There so many more possibilities that it's unbelievable. So this is not an insignificant step. Once this is done he will be able to take it from there with simple web searches for plans and ideas. Then he needs to use solid construction techniques, which are not just basic skills.
Kiteman9 years ago
The best way is don't!

Caravans are a curse on all things automobile - they slow up traffic, block lanes, hamper carparks and blow over on the motorway, scattering beige cushions and crockery all over the place.

If you are unable to camp in a proper tent, stay in a hotel.
Dr.Bill Kiteman6 years ago
Arr ! Back to your Vardos !
Compact: what a cool site (cttct.com)! Thanks! 

JKW0322: here's a video for how one person built a tear-drop:


by now you've probably found lots of teardrop options...Keep thinking and creating!

compact8 years ago
Check out www.cttct.com , lots of good home-built camping trailer information and a construction manual for a tent topped camping trailer
jkw0322 (author) 9 years ago
Goodhart- Thank you for the suggestion. I have been to that site already. I particularly liked the seventies pictures of someone's grandpa proudly showing off his new trailer.
Goodhart9 years ago
This set of plans could work I believe.
Ignore Kiteman, obviously he was traumatized as a child by a wayward camper. If I were to build one I'd start with a Teardrop trailer

Small enough to garage build, I even saw one once made of cedar and finished bright, twas a thing of beauty.

Search around the net, there are plans.
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