See you, chaps - I'm away for the next two days helping out at group archery camp. Several dozen small children with pointy things, and I'm scoring. :-/ See you Sunday night (UK time)

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Kiteman (author) 9 years ago
Ah, I'm back - sunburned and aching.

The weather was far better than I expected (last time I camped at this site, last May, the camp floated away. Literally.), so I took waterproofs, wellingtons and no suncream. A pleasant breeze completely disguised the fact we were all slowly crisping. Since I wore a hat, I am red up to my nose, and white above that.

I was also using my new tent - the whole flysheet is a union flag - which turned out to be half an inch too short for my camp bed, so I ended up on a roll mat. I am too old to sleep on a roll mat (oh, I ache).

Plus, a local cadet force turned out to be doing a night exercise in the area - I was woken by marching chants ("we don't know but we've been told...") at 3:30AM.

Still, and grand time was had by all - #1 son didn't come, he went to a friend's birthday sleepover, #2 son and Kitewife only came for the Beavers' section archery slot (which is why I used my Union Flag tent and not the much-bigger family tent). He was disappointed that the Beavers only got to use blunted arrows.

District archery competition day today - Scouts and Explorers. Our Scouts came second with only half a team, but our Explorers thrashed the opposition (it helped to have a competition field-archer on the team...)

So, I'm back. Hot shower, hot food and a beer, please. Then episode 2 of the latest Doctor Who series. Sontarans - woohoo!

Oh, and the second series of Heroes has started over here - don't spoil it for me.
Oh, and the second series of Heroes has started over here - don't spoil it for me.

He dies.

Oh you said don't spoil it...
Kiteman (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
Now, there's an emoticon that is suitable here... Oh, yes, I remember:


Teachers using emoticons? What is this world coming to?
If only they could develop a method of teaching using strictly emoticons. Boring subjects (like english) would become instantaneously amusing!
:D :) :( ;) >:D Kinda hard to read...
Kiteman (author)  T3h_Muffinator9 years ago
But it wouldn't be english, would it? It would be emotlish or something.
emotlish? Like constantly suicidal?
Kiteman (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
If you don't like emotlish, what about smilish or textlish?

(How would your homework get marked? You could text it to the teacher, but where would the red ink go?)
Save the ink for a tattoo.
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