Feature request: Pay extra to allow nonmembers view the pro version of my instructable?

One feature I would like to see before I upgrade to pro is the ability to allow people who have not signed in to view all steps on one page in my instructables and print out my instructables. If I have to pay extra (as long as its reasonable) that is fine. If you make this the default for all pro users that would be even better, everyone has more incentive to upgrade to pro. Is this a reasonable feature request? Could you see this being implemented sometime in the near future?

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Tommyhzy8 years ago
Whoa. EVERY SINGLE comment here is by a pro member... Of course, except for me and domindude10.
ewilhelm8 years ago
I'm curious to hear thoughts on this. We have an API in the works, which will allow you to display your complete Instructable (in whatever form you like) on your website. This isn't exactly what you've requested, but achieves some of the same result.
The API sounds awesome!

Personally (if I could afford it, that is... :\ ) I would gladly pay a little extra a year for this option.
The API will be available to pro members.
I believe API is supposed to be a pro feature, when it comes out.
The idea of an "exportable" API sounds really great! A bit ironic for me, as my very first I'ble was a by-hand conversion from an HTML file into I'bles structure :-) Nevertheless, really cool. What do you think of "aztennenbaum"'s proposal for paid-release? I liked how concrete he was.
OK, stupid question, but can somebody explain "API" using as little technical language as possible?

I looked at the wikipedia definition; it may just be a case of one too many whiskeys, but I just don't grok it.
An API is a public "guarantee" of how a user can access some software package (or Web server, or whatever), now and into the future. It specifies the function names and arguments, for example, and the output format. It doesn't say anything about how the software is implemented (the user doesn't need to know that), and it doesn't necessarily specify _everything_ in the output.
Sort of an anti-redundancy sort of thing?
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