Can I joined in Instructables photo contest

I'm from Thailand.It's not in the list of your condition.Can I send entry to the competition?

Anyone in the world can enter our contests, but only countries that are on this list can have prizes shipped to them.
Though I see now after I enroll in a contest that Brazil is not in the list of eligible countries, believe that there is no problems.
I live in Brazil and have won tender in England (London) and received awards normally.
The awards were sent to me without charges or taxes, because it is a cultural competition and seeks growth in the use of awarded prizes.
Kiteman1 year ago
Do you have friends or family in a "permitted" country?

If you do, get them to join the site.

You will then be able to collaborate on projects with them, and, if you win a contest, you can give their address for the prize to be sent to. After that, it is between the two of you what happens to prizes.