Can I reverse A USB to PS/2 Adapter?

I have a USB to PS/2 adapter that I want to take apart and rearrange into a PS/2 to USB adapter. Will this work? Or is the circuit only one way? I'm thinking of replacing the female USB part with a male one, and vice versa with the PS/2. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get the thing apart. When/if I get this thing working, I wanna use it with a keyboard for my Xbox 360 (360 only has USB ports, I don't have any USB keyboards).

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Helenmelwin5 years ago
There is easy available of usb to ps2 adapter at Ebluar with cheap, good, sufficient rates and quality. You can buy usb to ps2 adapter from Ebluar.
wout smeets7 years ago
i pried wone open there are 2 resistors but im finding it out
westfw9 years ago
Also, most of these are for mice, and don't actually contain any useful parts. The mouse itself contains the electronics to do both USB and PS/2, as well as enough smarts to tell which one it is connected to, and the "adapter" just moves the wires around so that they'll fit on the appropriate connector.

You can get what you're looking for, Like this one at Newegg, and they're pretty cheap. (but check the reviews; some don't seem to work very well.) Apparently a lot of people had favorite PS/2 keyboards and didn't want to jump on the USB keyboard bandwagon...
he wants to make one do U READ!!!!!
zachninme9 years ago
No, it will not.